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    Own a 9-3SS? Have long legs?

    I've run into an issue where I found my dash to be cracked around the mounting points under the fuse panel cover. A few months ago I noticed a squeak near the drivers side speaker. I tugged on the dash and found it very loose. A small aluminum bracket and some super glue and off I went with a solid dash having no idea how it cracked.

    Then one day I got into the car and cracked my knee off of the dash near the light switch. It was followed by a crack and a pop and my squeak was back. I blew out a huge chunk near the lower mounting bolt. Tonight I set off with some two part plastic epoxy and some more bracket material.

    Here is what I came up with!

    I also pulled the A-pillar airbag cover to do some squeak proofing. I will eventually get this thing quiet!

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    Wow, nifty little set up you've got going there. The entire dash on my 900 will move, and over big bumps, the gauges will move a good inch or so. I'm too afraid of the brittle plastic to go searching to fix it... I've already broken too many plastic bits that I don't want to attempt the dash.

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