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    Graeme Lindsay

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    25 Nov 2012
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    95 Aero Wagon
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    Thanks for the tutorial.. I have a 2004 95 Aero SportWagon, ex Japan with 124,000km. Needed to do the oil and filter and your pics and instructions made it easy. Car is great - only complication is that all the service records are in Japanese and I'm not a speaker (or reader) of Japanese... Thanks again

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    Brandon Cruz
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    20 Jun 2014
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    2005 Saab 9-5 Aero Sedan
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    Awesome write-up! I'll be doing this soon and will definitely use this as a guide.

    Quick question - is there a specific type of oil filter that I should use or does it just need to be listed as compatible for the 9-5?

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    Saab Enthusiast AT ONE SIR's Avatar
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    10 Jul 2013
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    2001 9-5 Wagon 2.3T I4 (B235E)
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    Just one more thing to add: Watch those little plastic rings that are created by twisting off the oil container caps.

    If you are not using a funnel, they could fall off and go right into your engine. When doing the change today, I saw one of those rings in the funnel. Always use a funnel and if you have one, a funnel with a screen. Do they make those screened paper funnels anymore?

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    2001 9-5 Wagon

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    Administrator nordwulf's Avatar
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    With my previous oil change, I used a new drain bolt that came with a plastic washer. Using that washer didn't cause any leaks but I won't be using one of those again. When loosening the drain bolt during an oil change yesterday, it felt like the bolt was just hand-tight. I'll only use copper washers from now on.

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    I thought I should join to say thank you to all concerned (especially nordwulf) for these excellent tutorials. The Index to Tutorials http://saabworld.net/showthread.php?t=261 is by far the best Saab maintenance resource out there for the amateur mechanic. I refer to it regularly and since picking up my 9-5 Aero I have used them to change the oil and filter, air filter, spark plugs and cabin filter. All jobs I have never carried out on any car before.

    One other thing. @nordwulf Which ramps are you using for your 9-5 Aero estate?

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