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    VW aims for increased US and worldwide sales..goal is to be #1 in the world


    selected excerpts:
    Volkswagen AG has one of the brashest goals in the auto industry—to dethrone Toyota Motor Corp. as the world's largest auto maker. There's a hitch: In the all-important U.S., the VW brand clings to just 2.2% of the market, trailing even Korean upstart Kia.

    It's an audacious—and some analysts say, impossible—target.

    Though it is VW's most popular model in the U.S., in Europe the Jetta has the stodgy image of an elderly person's car Really?

    Three years ago, VW CEO Winterkorn signed off on plans to tailor a revamped Jetta more to U.S. tastes. It would be built on an extended platform to add leg and trunk room. To help lop nearly $1,800 off its base price and put it in the same $16,000 range as its main rivals, VW's engineering and design teams switched to a harder and less expensive plastic dashboard and a simpler rear suspension system. They are switching to rear drum brakes.

    But Casey Gunther, VW's top-selling U.S. dealer, says the Routan isn't what people expect from VW. "It's like someone trying to sell you a piece of chicken and claiming it was a steak," Mr. Gunther says.

    Jetta = elderly?
    If so, Saab = ?
    Men tend to drive Saabs more than women.
    Younger people seem to drive Saabs than older people.

    Another article on the same page of the print newspaper is about how Volvo is trying to increase U.S. sales and hopes the new S60, soon to be released in the US, will help. I'm not so interested in a Volvo. I used to be when I was in the market for a classic 900 but not now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave 37 View Post
    Though it is VW's most popular model in the U.S., in Europe the Jetta has the stodgy image of an elderly person's car Really?
    I am not really surprised about that. Small sedans are not that common in Europe. It's mostly all hatchbacks or wagons. Ford doesn't even sell a Focus sedan in Holland or Germany for example. The small sedan is for Europe what the hatchback and wagons are for North America.

    I really like the new styling of the new Golf/Jetta but I am not so sure about how they lowered the quality. Americans prefer size and price over quality for small cars. Like food, coffee, houses etc.

    I always thought Saab should go a little bit down market to get more market share but that probably won't happen soon. I am seeing brand new 2010 9-3s offered for little over $20K (year-end clearance) and I would pick that over a new Jetta any day. Is the new Jetta bigger than the 9-3? I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

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    I admit, I really like the new styling of the new Jetta, but it is very bland. The main reason why I've always like VW's is because of their interiors, they had awesome materials, and they felt solid... so I'm not sure if I'll like the new Jetta. Especially when it's priced nearly two grand below a Golf.

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    If the new Jetta is what they came up with, somehow I don't think #1 automaker is realistic for VW

    And still with that stupid 2.0 litre 115 hp engine!

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