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    Saab 9-5 headlamps removal WIS

    Model year 2002-2005
    (scroll down for Model year 2006-2009)

    To remove

    1. Remove the centre grille as follows:
    1.A. Lift slightly to release the bottom edge.
    1.B. Pull it down and forwards to release the spring clip.

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    2. Remove the side grille from the back by bending up the lower clips to release them. Lift away the side grille.

    Name:  02_Saab_9-5_headlamps_removal.gif
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    3. LH: Remove the top of the battery cover.

    4. Press down the snap fastener and detach the direction indicator.

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    5. Unplug the direction indicator connector and remove the direction indicator.

    6. Remove the protective cover on the lamp to facilitate removing the headlamp.

    7. Remove the screws and clip.

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    8. Lift out the headlamp slightly to facilitate unplugging the lamp connector.

    9. Unplug the connector and lift away the headlamp.

    To fit

    1. Position the headlamp drain hose so that it point downward.

    Make sure the headlamp drain hose is not pinched. The hose must not be kinked.

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    2. Spray with "Kontakt 61" and plug in the connector. Fit the headlamp at an angle towards the mounting. Press the clip onto the front wing.

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    3. Fit the screws to secure the headlamp.

    4. Fit the protective cover on the lamp.

    5. Plug in the direction indicator.

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    6. Place the direction indicator so that the three guide pins are correctly located. Press on the direction indicator, making sure the clip fastens properly.

    7. Fit the side grille and centre grille by pressing them back in position.

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    8. LH: Fit the top of the battery cover.

    9. Check headlamp alignment and adjust as necessary, see Headlamp adjustment.
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    Model year 2006-2009


    1. Remove the upper plastic clips and the screws.

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    2. Remove the screws from the wing liner.

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    3. Free the bumper shell by freeing the hook with a screwdriver. Bend the shell forwards and place a support under so that it is not damaged.

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    4. Remove the bolts.

    Name:  04_Saab_9-5_headlamps_removal.gif
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    5. Lift out the headlamp and unplug the connector.

    Name:  05_Saab_9-5_headlamps_removal.gif
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    1. Plug in the connector.

    Make sure the headlamp drain hose is not pinched. The hose must not be kinked.

    Name:  06_Saab_9-5_headlamps_removal.gif
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    2. Position the headlamp correctly.

    Name:  07_Saab_9-5_headlamps_removal.gif
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    3. Fit the upper and lower bolts.

    4. Adjust the spacer bolt so that it lightly contacts the headlamp mounting on the chassis.

    5. Fit the bolt.

    6. Position the bumper shell correctly.

    Ensure that the connector is correctly fitted in its housing.

    Name:  08_Saab_9-5_headlamps_removal.gif
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    7. Fit the upper plastic clips and the screws.

    8. Fit the wing liner bolts.

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    Saab 9-5 2006 Aero

    Slight difference on 2006 9-5 Aero

    I don't know if this applies to other models, but on my 2006 9-5 Aero Sedan there were 4 screws connecting the bumper cover to the undercarriage that needed to be removed before you can remover the bumper cover in step 3. These were the perfect instructions otherwise!

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    Alternate method for 2006 --> 2009 cars using H7 Halogen lamps.

    Do Driver's side first (LHD cars).
    1. Remove battery cover, battery, heat shield, and battery tray.
    2. Move aside fuse block which clips to the battery tray.
    3. Remove rubber dirt shields from rear of lamp positions and remove elctrical connector from lamp legs.
    4. The High Beam lamp is a simple slide out/slide in with the tang on the lamp base pointed UP.
    5. The Low Beam lamp is held by a spring clip. Deress the spring clip and push towards the car's right side (your left side) to unlatch.
    6. The low beam lamp is installed with the tang on the lamp base pointed down.
    7. Reconnect lamps and test before replacing rubber dust caps.
    8. Reinstall everything you removed.

    Passenger's side (LHD cars)
    1. Remove corrugated rubber hose between MAF and intake Cobra.
    2. Duplicate steps 3 through 8 above while working nearly blind with very limited access. This is why I strongly suggest doing the Driver's side first so you can see how the parts operate and fit.
    3. The locking clip for the Low Beam is identical side-to-side on the car and is NOT a mirror image.

    City Lamps / Driving Lamps
    1. Replace in identical manner as above.
    2. No dust caps but the plastic wands slide the lamps into position.

    Turn Signals
    1. Follow Franks instructions above as these lamps can only be replaced with the head lamp buckets removed from the car.



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