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    Being a SaabWorld moderator

    SaabWorld can always use new moderators. Being a moderator is not for everyone. It often is just work to keep the site running smoothly. But it also can be very rewarding.

    If you have any interest to become a moderator, please send a PM to any moderator or send me a private message through my profile. Please tell a little bit about yourself, why you want to become a moderator and any ideas you may have for the site or the board you're applying for.

    After you send a message asking to become a moderator, it will be discussed and voted for by all the other moderators.

    Being a moderator on SaabWorld is not forever. Inactive moderators who haven't checked in for months and can't be reached may have their status removed. Life can change for moderators so they can't or don't want to devote time to SaabWorld anymore. Or they simply loose interest in the site and/or Saab and want to move on. No big deal. The goal is to have an active moderator team and moderators who sincerely care about the site.


    • Understand and write good English. You don't have to be an excellent writer but you should be able to communicate clearly.
    • Have knowledge or a sincere interest of the board you're a moderator for.
    • Good history of your previous posts and knowledge here on SaabWorld and/or other forums.
    • Currently own a Saab or owned in the past.


    • Assist other members with questions or any other assistance they may need.
    • Keep your board organized with a Tutorial index, FAQs threads and other helpful information. Merge duplicate threads, move threads to other sections if needed, adjust thread titles to make them more descriptive and so on.
    • Remove spam and moderate other inappropriate content as described in the Terms of Service
    • Be courteous on your board and anywhere else on the forum. This also goes beyond SaabWorld to other forums.
    • Visit the forum and your board regularly. Be an active participant on the entire site, test new functionality, make suggestions for improvement. Be a team member.


    • Access to the Moderator Clubhouse where you can have your say in the daily operations and future of the site. Vote on new moderators.
    • Being part of a growing Saab community. Have pride in making the board you're moderating a great resourceful place that people want to come back to.
    • The ability to help grow SaabWorld to be the largest independent not-for-profit Saab site in the world

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