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    World's first Saturn dealer re-opens as a Saab dealer, Memphis, Tennessee (USA)

    The Gwatney family have sold cars in Memphis, Tennessee (USA) area for over 50 years. Harold, the father, started car dealer ownership within the famly and his two sons, Russell and Bill, eventually owned and operated three car dealerships in or near Memphis. Russell was the first to move from Arkansas to Memphis is 1988 and acquired a Chevrolet dealer. When the concept of Saturn came out, Russell was an early leader in sales of the car.

    In early 1990, the Gwatney family had the first ground breaking of a Saturn dealership in the world. The Saturn line was to be introduced later that year. The Gwatney's dealership opened on October 25, 1990, the day that the first 25 Saturn dealers opened simultaneously. Unfortunately, despite much positive press, Saturn production was discontinued by General Motors, the parent company, in 2009. "We are kind of in on the alpha and omega (of the Saturn story)," Russell Gwatney told the Commercial Appeal, the main newspaper of Memphis.

    In late October, 2010, the Gwatney family acquired the Saab franchise from the Cadillac dealer in Memphis and brought in new Saab cars this weekend. The new Gwatney Saab dealer uses the original Saturn dealership building.

    Welcome to the newest Saab dealer in the United States!

    Original sources: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news...aabs-his-form/
    Disclaimer: I have no financial or personal relationship with the Gwatneys. I merely have taken an interest in reading about Memphis in the last week or two and saw these two stories.

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    It looks like Bud Davis Cadillac-Saab was the only Saab dealer in Memphis. Nice to see a Saab franchise in its own building away from anything GM. That can only be a good thing.

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