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    odd noise when accelerating from stop

    I am getting a weird noise coming from my saab. I can replicate it when I am at a stop and need to make a turn. When I accelerate and turn the wheel either way to turn, I get what sounds like the noise you would get if you rolled your Rs. It is somewhat faint but def there. Any ideas what this could be.
    thanks in advance.

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    First things I thought of were wheel bearings on one side or the other or a bad CV joint. I would check the underside of your vehicle for rips or tears in your CV joint boots. Once, we owned a VW Jetta with a noise similar to what you've described. It was hard for dealer to track down the source of the noise, but by using a stethoscope, they isolated the problem to a bad wheel bearing, probably caused by an accident my wife was in. I also heard odd noises coming once from my Saturn's front end wheel area. It turned out to be in need of brake pads.

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    Since it sounds like you only get this sound when at a stop or very slow full lock turns - I suspect your Serp. belt is just flopping around. Most Saab's have what is known as a short belt. What results from this is a long straight away in the belt at the top - and often the slack will cause a flop noise when the tensioner starts doing it's job. Brand new 9-5's have done this for years as do older ones. If the noise is excessive - as a Saab technician could tell you, a long belt could be installed with a new center idler pulley. This WILL eliminate that belt noise, however offers an additional pulley to fail later down the line, and also makes replacing the belt a harder feat. Lastly if the tensioner itself if worn - it could cause a bit more flop in the belt as it's not keeping up with the slack fast enough. Before ordering parts inspect your belt - as if it has cracks starting or it apears stretched you should replace the belt as well - if keeping the short belt setup.

    Suggestion - open your hood and have a friend or spouse start the car. At a safe distance - wearing proper safety equiptment lean over and watch the belt - have your driver turn the wheel to full lock one way and just lightly bounce off the lock - turn the wheel the other way. Do you see the belt shaking a bit when it hits the lock? Is this the noise you are hearing? If so - address as you would like.

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