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    Pretty much. At least for me it was. Of course I have a Pyle. Which is the right description for it. Iím sure it would be easier with a newer better h/u. I still wound not want to pay someone by the hour to figure it out though. Lol

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    Michael Monscheuer
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    The other day the PAC SWI PS arrived which I had ordered at amazon in the US - the device isn't available in Germany for some strange reason.
    I went for the PAC SWI PS since the PAK SWI RC gave Toka100 some headaches and the local car-hifi workshop didn't manage at all to put it to work.

    Today I got the chance to do the SWI PS' installation in my grease monkey's _heated_ workshop...

    In short: Success w/o any woes !

    After having done the wiring I set the SWI to version 11 ("Saab 9-5 mode") and taught it the steering wheel buttons.
    Worked out of the box, no further attempts needed.

    I have no idea WTF the experts at the car-hifi workshop tried since there is no obvious reason
    why one should fail in putting this gear to work (the SWI's RC version should be pretty much the same).

    Frank reported he needed to insert a 1k Ohm resistor between the SWI's white and inner purple wire.
    This wasn't necessary in my case, it worked right away w/o any resistor. I'm not sure what exactly
    this resistor does, but it's probably some kind of pull up. At least the resistance values being different
    from Frank's suggest this:

    Horn 7 Ohm
    Vol- 84
    Vol+ 155
    SRC 243
    Seek> 349
    Seek< 556
    NXT 754
    Normal 1K

    There is just one thing worth mentioning:
    According to the SWI’s instructions the steering wheel’s button meant to work as “Mute”
    needs to be pressed 3rd when “programming” the SWI. Interstingly, this does not result
    in “Mute” but “Attenuation” with the Pioneer z810dab. At least attenuation is sufficient,
    it’s “Almost mute”. :-)

    Anyone having a lucid explanation for this ?

    Funny enough, the Pioneer’s manual doesn’t mention at all that it features “Attenuation”.

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