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    2005 9-5 Aero 2.3 AS3 (9 speaker Harmon setup)
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    Thanks Wulf, i figured it out and got it to turn on. Im having problems with programming the pac-swc-rc. It gets power and i hold the button before turning the key on. It stays ony and then goes off. I press the button to set it but the light doesnt flash after i click it

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    Michael Monscheuer
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    Supplement to posting #443 in this thread

    #443 can be found at http://saabworld.net/showthread.php?...ll=1#post76875

    DAB radio basically worked OK with the antenna glued to the 9-5's front window
    reception failed in particular locations with low signal strength.

    Since I had a problem with receiving DAB radio inside the house as well I
    suspected bad coverage and had the Federal Network Agency come in to check the
    They appeared with a vehicle full of measuring devices and revealed that at my
    place the signal strength of the DAB stations criticized indeed did reach only
    90% of the strength defined to be the minimum. But the agency's engineers said
    this wouldn't explain the interferences my receivers were suffering from.

    Next they checked the Saab 9-5 and the culprit was found in less than five minutes.
    The harness below the right front door was emitting quite a bunch of radiation
    as soon as the ignition was turned on - towards the window antenna's direction
    interfering with low signal strength DAB stations.

    The engineers said I could forget about trying to shield the harness and the
    only solution would be to decouple the source of interference and the antenna,
    say I was advised to mount a suitable antenna at the car roof's rear end for
    problem-free DAB reception.

    They were right. After mounting this antenna
    all DAB problems (on the car) were gone !
    An equivalent one of a different brand will do the trick as well.

    And to solve the puzzle with DAB reception problems inside the house...
    A cheap LED spot sent out interfering radiation. Replaced it with a quality
    LED spot and... no more DAB problems.

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