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    Only one of its kind in existence!

    2008 Saab 900 TURBO must call john@3307308389

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Wulfers View Post
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    [SE] Saab 99 cabriolet

    Great looking car, but what is up with the squareheadlights? When these were offered in 1970 they had roundheadlights! I know because we had one. My dad had bought a number of new SAABsover the years and had become good friends with the dealer. When he got one ofthese very limited edition Rally cars he offered it to my dad. It became minein 76 when I got married and needed a second car. I had it a couple years untilmy job required I have a 4 wheel drive pickup. Seen it again about 10 or 12years ago at a local scrap yard waiting for the crusher. I looked it over, andthere was some dents from being moved around, but was not in real bad shape. Ihad to resist the desire to buy it at the time, but I had absolutely no placeto put it. (Wish now I had got it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayf View Post
    Great looking car, but what is up with the squareheadlights? When these were offered in 1970 they had roundheadlights!
    North American cars got the round headlights, the rest of the world got the square ones. Had to do with the sealed beam laws and such.

    Round ones are often more common in the rally cars too because they are narrower, allowing for better airflow to the engine which already had trouble with cooling issues.

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    A 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X is not that rare but you don't see them for sale with low miles very often. This sedan has only 27K miles and is for sale on eBay for $20K.


    This is a One Owner, Accident Free, Saab Turbo-X. This is a Rare find with only 26K Original Miles. This is a Texas car that has been garage kept and well maintained. It is Rare to find such a low mileage car let alone in this condition. This is a 9.9 out of 10 car. It really is this nice. Looks, Rides & Drives Like New. We are a Saab Official Service Center and have serviced this car since 2015 & 17K miles. Prior to that it was serviced at Scoggin-Dickey in Lubbock Saab Dealer where it was purchased from.

    - 1 of approximately 700 of these that were imported to the North American Market.
    - Cold Weather Package - Heated Seats & Headlamp Washers
    - Touring Package - Parking Assistance, Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror, Memory Seats
    - Xenon AFL Headlamps

    - 2 Complete Keys In Excellent Condition
    - Owners Manual

    Maintenance & Repairs:

    - Tires - Nitto Motivo - 3 Have 2014 DOT Date with about 7/32 remaining, 1 Has 2017 DOT Date with approx 10/32 remaining (Replaced Due To Non-Repairable Screw)
    - Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic Oil Changes @ 5K intervals.
    - 2015: XWD System Serviced At 17K Miles, including Transfer Case Fluid, Rear Differential Fluid, ELSD Fluid & Filter Kit.
    - 2016: Expansion Tank Replaced
    - 2017: Right Rear Windows Regulator Replaced

    Autocheck Report, Showing One Owner & No Accidents Available On Request.
    Maintenance Records From 2015 & 17K Miles Available On Request.
    70 Pictures Taken Also Available On Request.

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    On the facebook market place - a first US year 1986 9000 with 80K!


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    European Motor Services, LLC - Point Pleasant, PA 18950 - www.europeanmotorsvc.com



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