16-year old Saab enthusiast in Sweden owns 5 Saabs

Despite Saab’s setbacks, Oscar Karlsson refuses to abandon the marque. He is only 16 years old, but he is already the owner of five Saabs!

– There is something special about Saab. The cars have a soul and I like that.

Love for Saab is deeply rooted among the Swedish people. We love the little automaker that for so long has contributed with their innovative technologies and their slightly different design. Oscar Karlsson from Torsby really love the cars from Trollhättan.

– Yes, I was only twelve when I got a Saab 9000 that was owned by my Dad. The car had been standing because of a little problem with the engine. It was of course nice to get a car and this was how my interest in Saab began, says 16-year-old Oscar.

Oscar Karlsson now owns another and very special 9000 that he found at a workshop in Torsby a couple of years ago. It is a Saab 9000 Turbo Sport T16 from 1992.

– It is the precursor to the Aero and the car has a special engine and only 180 cars were produced. Now there are only about 50 of these cars left, I have heard. I changed the clutch and brakes on it and a few years ago I got a photo of a similar car by Jan-Ake Jonsson, who was then president of Saab. He congratulated me as the owner of this Saab.

It was something that increased his interest in Trollhättan pride. An entire cabinet in the house in Torsby is now full of Saab stuff and includes everything from old automotive magazines to manuals for the latest models.

I got a hold of the first owne. There is something special about Saab. The cars have a soul and I like that and they are very comfortable to ride in. Meanwhile, Saab has always been ahead of its time with technology. I really hope that production will continue despite the bankruptcy.


Got hold of the first owner

Although Oscar still is a couple years away from getting his driving license, he has not been satisfied with one car.

– Two years ago I found a green V4 96: a 1973 on the internet. I bought it in Borlange, but the car was purchased new by an older man in Lidingö. I contacted him by phone and we talked a bit. It turned out that we have a birthday the same day, on April 22! He thought it was very funny that the car is still rolling.

With the help of Saab lover Anders Nordqvist who live outside Torsby, Oscar Karlsson renovated, sanded and painted the V4. So does another car from the same year as the young collector car hobby is also found in the book.

– It’s a V4 95 wagon from Hagfors. The model is not so common and has fold-down rear seat and seat seven people. Among other things, the brakes need to be fixed for it to make it through inspection.

9220th Saab

A real fixer-upper is Oscar’s oldest car, a Saab 92B Deluxe from 1954.

– It is the 9220th Saab since the production start and I know all the previous owners. The 92 I have purchased from my grandfather’s brother Kjell Karlsson, who had the car since the early 1970s. The goal is to have it ready when I get my student license in a few years.

The car collection includes a 1997 900 Turbo, which serves as a spare car and a Saab 900 2.3 from 1996 to serve as daily driver car when Oscar Karlsson gets his drivers license in a couple of years. That is obviously something he longs for very much.

Source: NWT.se article
Article originally published on SaabWorld in 2012 by Saabrobz from Karlstad, Sweden



  1. Well I got my first one at 15 (c900 1989) and the next one at 16. I worked my arse off on both but then ran out of time and money. Everybody hated me in school and college so they were pretty much my only friends. Pretty pathetic, no?

  2. My ’91 c900 N/A sedan is basically my parents, but I do a lot of the work and take care of it and call it mine. They like that I have an interest in SAABs and they are both Saab fans, but not as big as me. Everyone thinks it’s a stupid ugly and slow car at my highschool. I wonder when you get your license in Sweden?! I’ve had mine for 7 months, and I’m 16. But I am in Maine so yeah. Haha very cool that this kid is collecting!!!

  3. Hey that has described most of my Saabs so watch what you say.

    The Saab has got a rally heritage if anything at all. You do not need to be sleek and fast to win a rally. You do need to have a “get-er-done” quality.

    Can you see the roll bar or “cage” that allowed Eric “On The Roof” Carlsson to create the legend? No but it is in there. An MG was cute and girls loved them but on a rough back road, we used to have a saying that the route was “Triumph Proof or MG Proof” meaning that you were much better off in a car with a bit of ground clearence. Occasionally on a rally you had to go through a shallow but legal stream crossing out in the hills by Scranton PA. That was not going to happen in an MG.

    If you want to win the girls part with the $$ for an E-Jag. If you want guy pals just get a pick-em-up and every time one of your buds wimmens sees a “free piano” in the paper your phone will be ringing away.

    Funny, when I bought my first Saab I also had an MGB Limited. It was black on black and real nice looking. So one of my pals wives … her best friend is suddenly all over me so I ask her out. When I go to pick her up, I am feeling like a million bucks driving my new Saab 900 and the minute she gets in the car she starts ….. “where is that, that other thing?” …. “you know, where is the black thing” now I have to start goofing on her and say stuff like “Oh, Jefferson, I never thought to call him to see if he wanted to double” … hell she doesn’t even know what an MG is aside from getting her hair messed up if I put the top down. Our first and last date.

  4. Interesting observations. Modern teens (majority) don’t know s**t about s**t and the last thing they are going to find attractive is a Saab 900.
    The classic saab models are not ugly by any means. Especially the sedan.
    But care not, Sean Hughes, for you are a good man to have chosen this as your first car.
    Going back to the high school periods, I did (inevitably) do some pretty irresponsible things with both cars. Here in Colorado the one thing that you never run out of is twisty high altitude roads.

    Hey show us some pictures of you 91 sedan!

  5. Interesting article. I had 5 Saabs at 19. 2007 9-3 Aero, 2005 9-3 Linear, 1993 900S, 1991 900Turbo, and a 1988 900 Turbo convertible.

  6. Hah indeed. He also must have a darned supportive family. Unless, of course, he somehow owns his own house, too.

  7. I also have a 9000 2.3 turbo sport of 1992, pre aero here in Portugal, since the last 16 years. Great car! Mine has already 440Kkm on the counter and still rolling well. Didn’t know they were so rare as only 180 produced. Every week i drive 500 km on it and i feel that it’s a very well built car, very powerful and nice, with a suspension a bit lower than the standard Cs. Greetings from Portugal to all saab fans.

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