1949 Saab 92 Prototype – Chassis number 92009

This unique Saab 92 prototype will be auctioned by Bonham at Château de Chantilly, France on 10 September 2017.

1949 Saab 92 De Luxe Saloon
Chassis number: 92009

  • The ninth pre-production prototype
  • One of the three known pre-production survivors
  • Known ownership history
  • Highly original
  • Registered in Sweden

Offered here is one of the 20 pre-production prototypes built before SAAB launched its first car in 1950. Chassis numbers ran from ‘92001’ to ‘92020’, this car – ‘92009’ – being the ninth completed. Of the three known survivors, ‘92001’ is in the SAAB Museum while ‘92004’ belongs to a private collector, making ‘92009’ the third oldest SAAB in existence. It is believed that the others were scrapped.

This car was first registered to SAAB Aeroplan AB on 19th July 1949, passing to one of the company’s aerospace engineers, Olaf Öhlander, in November 1953. It is believed that prior to his purchase the car was updated with an opening boot and repainted grey (from original green, still visible in places). The SAAB enjoyed a further four owners (all in Sweden) before its acquisition in September 1960 by Torsten Johansson, a farmer in the south of the country, who used the car sporadically until 1980 when it was placed in barn storage.

The current vendor purchased ‘92009’ in April 1997, and the car has remained in the family’s possession ever since, during which time it has been maintained but not restored. The tyres have been replaced and the front wings renovated, apart from that it has not been touched. Only a handful of miles has been covered annually. Originally the car had an external mirror on the right-hand side but has been fitted with a home-made mirror on the left side, presumably done after Sweden switched to driving on the right in September 1967.

Accompanying documentation consists of details of all owners, Swedish registration papers, inspection protocols (1966-1980), owner’s handbook, repair manual, and five books about SAAB (1948, 1956, 1983, 1987, and 1997).


To be sold without reserve
Estimate: €15,000 – 25,000 / US$ 18,000 – 30,000

Update 10 September: Sold for €23,000 (US$ 27,738) inc. premium

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  1. It would be nice if the original green paint could be restored. But leave the rest of this Saab in its original condition. This may be wishful thinking but hopefully it will end up in a Saab or other vintage car museum.

    • It’s more than the original green paint. There are several parts which are no more original as before in 1949. There is really a lot do to restore it back in the original condition. But! The biggest problem is the rear boot 0f the later 92 B. This makes the car value much lower and I don’t know if it is possible to rebuilt it to the original rear without an opening boot.

  2. The Saab 92001 is the UrSaab which is quite different from the Saab 92. That makes this 92009 probably even more unique as a 92 prototype.

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