• No registration required. Just enter the details and your contact information, add pictures and post. You will receive an email with a code you can use to edit your ad (similar to craigslist)
  • Potential buyers will easily see your contact information and send a message using a form. Your email address will not be visible. They do not have to register to contact you.
  • You can edit and delete your own ads.
  • You can post up to 12 pictures. If they are larger than 800px, the Marketplace will automatically resize them.
  • When browsing the Marketplace, you can view all listings or filter by vehicles/parts and by region (North America/Europe/Rest of the world.
  • Interesting and unique listings will be shared with our 4500+ followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • Works great on mobile devices, including posting new ads with pictures.
  • It’s free!

Terms of Service:

Free for private sellers and dealers/businesses
Private and commercial sellers/dealers are welcome to offer Saabs and used/new parts for sale in the SaabWorld Marketplace.

Pictures sell cars. At least 1 picture is highly recommended for all Saab for Sale ads. More pictures is always better.

Price in all For Sale ads
If you are selling something, the buyer needs to know the asking price. If you are firm on your price or are taking offers, please mention this in the ad. If you are not sure of an asking price, please post in the forums requesting help from the community or do your own research.

Sell here, post all information here.
Ads with only links to other sites like eBay, Craigslist, dealer or other Saab sites for text and pictures are not allowed. You can post links to other sites if you have more than 10 pictures of the item/car you’re selling, link to more information or discussions about the item/car, your dealer website or other information that can be helpful to the buyer.

Use at your own risk
SaabWorld and its owner/moderators are not liable for any loss that may occur with any transaction in the Marketplace. We will monitor the section and try to remove any questionable items or sellers but can not be held responsible for or guarantee any cars, goods or services offered in the Marketplace.

Keep the Marketplace up-to-date
When you sell an item, please delete the listing.

Be ready to sell when you post a For Sale ad
No “feeler”, “testing the waters” or “I am thinking of selling..” advertisements, please.

Do not sell, offer or distribute these items

  • Any fraudulent, counterfeit or stolen items
  • Any copyrighted materials without appropriate licenses (like software, navigation maps)