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Ad post date: 12 October 2018
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(Warning long post!)
Hi! I'm selling 2 2000 Saab 9-3 Viggens, one silver and the other black. Both are running and driving. I bought the black one as a project car, and the silver one as a parts car to use for the black one. However it turned out that I could get the black one running and driving without scavenging parts from the silver one. HOWEVER, while they do both run and drive, they each need some work to be perfect. I'm only selling because I don't have the time or money to make these cars 100% (I also don't have space for two project cars at my house haha). I'd prefer to sell them together, but I'd be willing to separate them. They buyer could combine parts from each to make one perfect car, or fix each up separately. I'd like to be as candid as possible with the descriptions of the cars below:

BLACK 2000 9-3 Viggen - 162,xxx miles
I'm the third owner of this Viggen, and the car is overall in good shape. The body is straight and rust free, and the interior is in very clean. Cosmetically the only issues are faded paint on hood and roof, and a saggy headliner. When I bought the car it did not run and drive mostly due to a broken passenger side outer cv joint. In the course of making it road worthy i did a fair amount of other work to it including: 
-New outer CV joint (passenger side)
-New inner and outer cv boots (passenger side)
-New wheel bearing (passenger side)
-New tie rod ends
-New ball joint boot (passenger side)
-New power steering hoses
-New brake rotors and pads all around (including parking brake pads)
-New parking brake cables
-New radio antenna
-Fresh Oil Change

With these repairs the car is now road worthy. However it does still have a few issues:
Occasionally grinds when going into reverse
Chattering/clicking when turning left and applying gas; possibly one of the drivers side CV joints
Slight looseness in the front end when going over bumps (could be suspension bushings or steering rack bushings)
Shaking at certain speeds
Needs an alignment

SILVER 2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen - 160,xxx miles
I bought this car to use as a parts car for the black Viggen if necessary; however it turned out that I didn't have to scavenge any parts from it. Mechanically this car is in good shape, and runs and drives well. In the last year the previous owner installed:
-New clutch
-Brakes (rotors, pads, and calipers)
-New tires on aftermarket rims
-Rebuilt front suspension

The car runs and drives great, however it has quite a few cosmetic issues:
-torn driver's seat
-missing some interior panels
-radio display doesn't work (radio itself works fine)
-dents and paint fade on body
-some interior pieces are not original Viggen parts (steering wheel, shifter, door panels, wooden dash)
-slight smell in interior (previous owner may have been a smoker)
-AC doesn't work (but blower works)
-Spoiler is not attached
The only issue that affects drivability of the car is an electrical issue when starting. It sometimes takes a few turns of the key for the starter to engage. Once the started engages the car starts immediately, which leads me to believe it's just an electrical issue. Having said that, however, the car never fails to start. Sometimes it just takes quite a few tries.

I'd like to sell these two viggens together, since they're getting pretty rare. However, I'd consider selling them separately as well. The sale will include a set of stock 5 spoke 
viggen rims and a number of miscellaneous parts: spare Direct Ignition Cassette, extra CV boots and ball joint boots, etc). The price for both viggens is $4500. Separately, the black one is $3000 and the silver one is $1500. Thanks and sorry for the long post!
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