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Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA
Ad post date: 9 February 2019
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Ready to sell. Have already purchased a different vehicle to replace it. Need gone ASAP.

History: Received vehicle in good working condition in mid-December last year with 221,000 miles. Got it for free from a friend in church. Extensive repair/maintenance history in paper on hand. Drove it for a couple of weeks. Decided to have it looked at by a shop and put a little bit of money into it. Decent sized oil leak and shutters when in drive at a stop. Had 2 of 3 motor mounts replaced and valve cover gaskets done at the end of December 2018. Drove it for another week. Did some work at home on it in early January 2019: New engine air filter, cleaned mass air flow sensor, turned both rear rotors, replaced all rear brake pads, inspected parking brake shoes, and greased rear calipers. Drove it for a couple more weeks. Started have throttle issues. Took it to a shop and had them replace the throttle body as well as the following: third and final motor mount, breather hose, radiator, water pump and thermostat. Drove it for another week. Started surging at low RPM's in stop and go traffic. Took it back to the shop for diagnosis. Needs hoses, o-rings and clamps replaced on some of the components on the turbo intake system and vacuum lines. This is causing the check engine light to come on and makes the computer think the mass air flow sensor is bad. Diagnosed with minor oil leaks also. Recommended right front axle replacement, brake system flush, front left turn signal cover replacement, and a couple of lights out. Driver's side mirror glass fell out and broke.

Done putting money into it. I have all receipts. It runs very smoothly on the highway. It is very fast in sport mode. Fun to speed around in. Please text, call or email if you have more questions or want more pictures.
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