2002 9-5 Arc 3.0t - North America

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Dover, Delaware, USA
Ad post date: 30 December 2019
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I have a 2002 9-5 ARC with the 3.0t. Car literally has all the options, not sure how this car isn't an AERO to be honest. Car has been "sitting" in my driveway for at least 2 years. I put sitting in quotes because when cutting the grass and or spraying my stone driveway for weeds I have to move the car, which moves under it's own power, it's not like the car has been sitting in a field for two years but it would not be considered road ready by any means.

The short story:
Car was owned by my sister for at least 10 years before she moved out of the US and did not take the car with her. I drove the car for a few months but after having to do some minor repairs, (ignition cassettes, wheel bearing, alt). I decided my long commute was not going to do this almost 200k mile saab any good and parked it. Fast forward two years and I regret letting it sit, now the bare minimum it will need is a battery and at least one caliper as it is stuck from sitting. Car also seems to have lost power steering, i have not looked in to it at all. Knowing what I know about these engines I assume that it will need to be re-sealed due to oil leaks (again i haven't looked just assuming), the valve covers were done at some point however they were not done very well as they still did leak some back when I was driving it.

Overall the white body and tan interior are in great shape, the car is starting to have the clear coat issues that these cars seem to have however.

Anyone who knows these cars, which I'm betting if you are reading this you do, knows about the 3.0t. It can be a pain to deal with however out of the multiple saabs my family has owned this one has been the most fun to drive for me due to the torque it puts out.

I'm posting the car here with the hopes that it will either go to someone who will fix it and drive it, or use the parts towards another 3.0t powered saab. Again as you probably know, parts in the states for this engine/car are getting harder to find. That being said, i'm not sure what price point I should be looking for so I am open to offers. I wont rule out trades either so let me know what you have. Pictures can also be provided of course I just do not currently have any with me.

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