Nina Kinert – The Voice Behind Saab´s Advertising Campaign

Press release – October 2007

Saab’s TV advertising campaign for its new 9-3 model gives yet another unknown but promising female Swedish singer the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience. 23-year-old Nina Kinert, from Stockholm, sings the acoustic soundtrack ‘Through Your Eyes’, specially written for the campaign, with a distinctive, brittle timbre.

The Swedish automaker’s latest ad retains the raw, self-assured tonality of last spring´s successful ‘Release Me’ BioPower campaign, using a soundtrack and imagery designed to communicate quality, safety and ‘cool’ Scandinavian design.

“Our creative strategy is to present an authentic film atmosphere with a distinctive sound quality that is very Saabish,” says Saab´s Marketing Manager Kristian Jörgensen. “We like to offer something ‘extra’, an emotional take-out that will stick in people´s minds. Naturally, this depends on the viewer, but if people like the music, they will hopefully like the film.”

The ‘Release Me’ song reinforced the serious and emotional environmental message of the last campaign, while ‘Through Your Eyes’ enhances the story of the film and presents the new Saab 9-3 car in an alluringly ‘cool’ manner.

“We took an immediate liking to the tune, and above all, to Nina’s voice,” says Lena Olander, Saab Project Manager for Advertising and Internet. “We wanted to keep the soft imagery of the BioPower film and at the same time create an ‘on the road’ feeling, something which Nina´s interesting voice expresses perfectly.”

“Repeating the success of ‘Release Me’ will be difficult, but the first indications have been very encouraging. In a week, ‘Through Your Eyes’ climbed into the Top Three of Swedish Itunes,” adds Kristian Jörgensen.

Nina is enjoying her association with Saab. “It is great fun with Itunes going so well,” she says. “The song works and that´s why I have decided to add it to my new album.”

For the past year, Nina has been a full-time professional singer. Her debut album, ‘Heartbreak Town’, was released two years ago, followed last year by ‘Let There Be Love’. The new release of this album, now including Through Your Eyes’, comes out next month.

“I heard the tune today, standing in my kitchen,” she says. “It felt good, but I don’t think it sounds very much like me,” she adds jokingly. “My buddies have sent me a bunch of text messages since the film was first shown on Swedish TV.”

The new campaign is to be released globally by Saab with the strap-line ‘Designed to Perform’. It emphasizes the new 9-3’s bold design and exciting driving qualities, which are achieved by adopting the same approach that has put Scandinavian design on the world map – letting function and looks go hand in hand.

The ’Through Your Eyes’ song can be accessed by entering the international campaign site at

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