Saab 9-5: A Personal Story by Anders Tunberg

Title Saab 9-5: A Personal Story
Author Anders Tunberg
ISBN 3-907150-81-3
Publisher Norden Publishing House, Switzerland
Date 1997
Language English
Pages 144

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Anders Tunberg has been writing about automobiles for many years. His admiration for Saab culminated in this book, a story of how the 9-5 came to be. With the cooperation of Saab, he explores the philosophy, design, structure, and other aspects of how a car is created and shaped and moved into the market.

From the dust jacket:

How do you go about creating a new automobile? When do you begin and how? What do the customers demand, what can the manufacturer offer? Is driving a car a matter of simply transportation, economy or environment? Or is it all right to tempt the driver with power, performance or design? What makes me like one car over another?

In its new 9-5, Saab gives its answer to the question of how a well thought-out automobile should look, and behave, as we approach the next millennium. Author Anders Tunberg has been able to observe how Saab looks at the development of its products during many years.

From within, he has seen some unconventional ideas and solutions, coupled with the small car maker’s unmistakeable enthusiasm, put their very special mark on the company’s work, and its products. His tale of how the new Saab 9-5 came to be is a very personal story.

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