Saab 9-5 print advertisement – Obsession is contagious

The all-new Saab 9-5 is a stunning example of our renowned obsession with exhilaration. Touting boldly aeronautical and exceptional detail, the 9-5 is a refreshing departure from the ordinary. However, its patently Saab form is not for everyone. We view this as a great success. You see, this car is built for a specific type of driver – one who not only values the practical splendor of Scandinavian design, but more importantly, demands the smartest application of technology.

Indeed, the all-new 9-5 Sedan is turbocharged – recycling exhaust gas energy and using it to push more air into the cylinders, increasing performance and doing so quite efficiently. Our obsession continues with Cross-Wheel Drive (XWD). XWD actively works with Saab’s ESP (Electronic Stability Program) to help improve grip, acceleration and enhance stability whilst providing agile cornering behavior. To further draw you in, we’ve added DriveSense. It’s an intelligent chassis control system that, with a twist of a knob, allows you to adjust the agility and performance of the 9-5 to match your driving style and road conditions.

Schedule a test drive pf the all-new Saab 9-5 today, and you’ll find that our obsessions become yours as well. Visit for more information, or visit your nearest Saab dealer.

Scan by SaabWorld
Source: Automobile Magazine – September 2010

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