Saab 900 – Engineering features – brochure 1985


52 page brochure from 1985 – English
Original brochure scan – Copyright SaabWorld

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  1. OMG !! I’ve never seen such a complete brochure before ! It would deserve an integral translation in french but what a work it would be ! Thanks for sharing !!

  2. Unfortunately, Google Translate doesn’t do translating text in image files just yet.

    I had this brochure scanned for a long time and just discovered it was not on here yet. I have a big box with brochures and many electronic articles ready to be shared. I just need to find the time.

  3. I could spend an entire day viewing vintage SAAB literature. Great stuff! Those Engineering Brochures are awesome — this is the oldest one that I have seen.

    Kudos to FW for creating such a digital library and for SW’s Inside SAAB archive. It is so important to preserve this information — just be sure to hold onto SAAB World, it was a terrible loss when NYSOC let all of the detailed information files and picture archives go — there was no equal.

  4. I have a Saab, 1985 (Turbo) Left-hand drive. Selling for 3000 euros. But he was in Russia in Siberia 🙂 Phone: +79029237553

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