Saab 900 – Volvo 855 with 6 wheels by Wiman

Volvo and Saab enthusiasts often disagree about the cars made by their favorite Swedish automobile manufacturers and a marriage between a Saab 900 and Volvo 855 is something most never imagine to be possible.

Company Wiman in Sandviken, Sweden was known for making custom vehicles and mainly ambulance conversions using regular cars.  The company had 37 employees when it declared bankruptcy in 2003.

They took the front of a Saab 900 and the rear of a Volvo 855 and created this orange hybrid.  Nearly 1000 hours of work went into this conversion.  Milage is unkwown but it was basically a new vehicle after all the work they put in.

This vehicle was offered for sale on in 2010 with an asking price of SEK 150 000 (USD 21,185 / EUR 16.326).  The car used to be white but was painted in Ford Focus RS Pearl Metallic Orange at the time of sale.

The current location of this VolSaab or Saabolvo with license plate DAX419 is unknown so please add any information in the comments if you know more about its whereabouts.

Other Saab conversions made by Wiman in Sandviken.

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  1. This Saab 900 6×2 is now in a collection in the northern part of Holland. Once it has Dutch licenceplates it shall show up more frequently.

    According to my information this car was not build by Wiman, nor Solstad and nor Melberg but by Carmania in Sweden (mr. Ivarsson) who did also a lot of nice creations (for example a Saab 99 station). It was originally build for Koenigsegg and ended up as a service car of a plumber. As far I was informed they took the back of a Volvo v70 (classic).

    The car has a T16 engine and manual gearbox which makes it fast and smooth. Milage is still very low.

    The car shall be repainted in original saab colour (black 170) and a aero skirtset will be fitted together with 3 spoke aero wheels. It will be called ‘900 Aerospace’

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