The Saab 96 that was driven for only 159 kilometers in 37 years

This Saab 96 was purchased new by a Bulgarian doctor who lived in Västerås, a city in central Sweden about 100 km northwest of Stockholm. It was ordered in 1979 but was not shipped by dealer Björkman & Henstam until April 1980.

The owner drove it only two times for her work in 1985 and it has not even been started since then. It was never exposed to water, neither rain nor car washes. Gerda Persson and Fredrik Ekendahl both tried to purchase the car and appearantly they are well known within the Saab enthusiast community. In the end, Gerda was able to buy the car and a deal was made in the beginning of this year.

There was a post on Facebook by Tom Donney saying this car is now coming to the USA and will be at the new Saab Heritage Museum in Sturgis, SD. As you may know, Tom is a well-known Saab enthusiast and purchased many Saabs from the Saab USA Heritage Collection.

There is not much other information available right now but this Saab is featured in the Swedish car magazine Klassiker issue 09/2017. Perhaps Swedish readers can provide some more information in the comments about the background of this car and why it never was driven again since 1985.





  1. Hi, Yes, Really good once you get used to it. I have a used example of the same 96V4 Super in the same blue colour. Mine was a Saab GB car and was used by Pat Moss Carlsson when new.
    Kind Regards,

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