Saab European Delivery Program EDP brochure – 2006

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  1. Picked up my 2006 Saab 9-3 in Trollhattan through European Delivery about 10 years ago. Best Saab experience ever! Explored Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom and dropped it off in London.

    I was sure I was going to do it again some day, not knowing Saab would be gone 5 years later… 🙁

  2. Brings back memories. In the 1960es a similar program was in place, and SAAB Trollhättan often commisioned ISIS Motor in Denmark to do delivery as per customers request. Thus I had in 1964 the previllege to drive a Saab 96 Monte Carlo from Denmark to Paris. The pricing for this service was aggreed on an individual basis. At that time there was no return shipment program, like Volvo had. For me as a student beeing paid for the trip plus a train ticket home, it was simply a great tour. I have photos, but I am not sure if I can upload here?

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