Saab fans enjoy ice racing on Acksjön lake in Sweden

Two-stroke engines bellow their meager 70 horsepower accompanied by a howling gearbox. Lollo Uhlin smiles somewhat lyrical when he leads his Saab 96 through another curve.

It’s the second time Lollo Uhlin arranged this ice racing on Acksjön lake between Ekshärad and Hagfors In Sweden. There are 14 cars on the lake, but I can promise that it could have been a hundred. But then it’s going to be too big of an event to arrange.

– The great thing about these cars is driving edge. There is nothing like this, he says, and slams into a new gear. This is a good thing. Everyone can drive as much as they want.

Thanks to the high revs, the small cars deliver a fantastic feeling of speed. The top speed on this track was slightly above 100 km/h. These cars are a piece of Swedish history, a history that I and many others think is worth saving, says Jens Jacobsson from Hammarö.

A car for cornering

Bengt Gustafsson from Karlstad owns three old Saabs. The latest is a Saab 96 from 1963, which he bought last fall.

– I needed one for cornering. It’s a fun car for the right price. Buying an old Saab I think is a better investment than putting the money in the bank, continues Bengt Gustafsson

Rally car

Fredrik, who runs a fully equipped Saab Sport, which he also used to compete in the Midnight Sun Rally, would not really have to be on the meeting.

– They did not want to have any real rally cars here. But my wife, who received an invitation to come there with her Saab, was unable to attend so I could take her place.

There are no longer many good Saab 96 with two-stroke motor for sale. You can expect to pay 10-20.000 kronor for one of these Saabs. A Saab Sport can cost 50-250.000 kronor.

– Prices have risen in recent years. It used to be old Saabs were really cheap. but now they are on a more true-adapted level. What we have seen lately is that even the old 900 Turbo soared in value, says Fredrik Ekendal.

Article contributed by Saabrobz from Karlstad, Sweden in February 2012
Original article in Swedish (subscription):

Video of the event:

Anna Lindstedt Uhlin with his Saab 93 from 1957. It is one of the oldest cars on the Acksjöns ice.

Lollo Uhlin, who arranged the Saab ‘meeting on Acksjön between Ekshärad and Hagfors, had problems with overheating. When he opened the radiator cap, his Saab 96 from 1962 produced a green-colored fountain spray. Photo: Olle Persson

Sven Brandt from Hedemora was a longtime Volvo enthusiast. But he now has found a new love in the form of a yellow Saab.

After the car was tuned with some knytnävsbankningar and a few feet duct tape , Dick Power from Hammarö enjoys an invigorating and warming cup of coffee before it was time to run a few laps on Acksjön.

Lollo Uhlin, who arranged the Saab meeting on Acksjön, also had some time to run several laps on the ice.

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