Saab Museum in Trollhättan – Aero X

These pictures were taken during my visit to the museum in September 2015.  They are grouped together in these posts as there are too many pictures to include in a single post.

Vintage Saabs (from UrSaab to 96)
Classic Saabs (90/99/900/9000)
GM Saabs (9-3/9-5/9-4X/9-7X/9-2X)
Concept Saabs
Saab Aero X

Click any thumbnail to view larger images.  You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to go to the next and previous image.


  1. Thank you for the fantastic photos. It looks like a museum one could spend many days in, and still feel like you missed something when you leave.

  2. Thanks Kym, it’s good to hear you enjoyed the pictures. It really is a very nice museum and I am sure I will go back some day.

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