Saab ‘Release Me’ TV Commercial

Saab’s international TV campaign for eco-friendly BioPower, featuring the soulful song “Release Me”, has achieved instant recognition for the previously unknown rookie Swedish band Oh Laura and lead singer Frida Öhrn.

The TV ad, currently running in all Saab’s major European markets, has been downloaded more than 210,000 times from the websites Youtube and MySpace – a hit rate greater than most established pop stars have achieved. Google at the same time displays a massive 1,390,000 hits for the combination of ‘Oh Laura’, ‘Release Me’ and ‘Saab’.

As a result of this popularity, Oh Laura have now signed up to record the full version of ‘Release Me’ as a debut single and are also putting the finishing touches to their first full length album, to be launched later this month (May).

Shot in atmospheric black-and-white under the tagline “Release the Power of Nature”, the Saab ad features powerful images of rushing water and animals struggling for freedom as a counterpoint to Frida Öhrn’s distinctive vocals. It is a graphic representation of the environmental message behind Saab BioPower technology, which releases the potential of bioethanol as a renewable and sustainable fuel derived from a wide range of crops and forestry by-products.

The power of the commercial, produced by the Lowe Brindfors agency in Stockholm, has already been recognized by the Swedish trade press magazine Resume, which has given it a “Best Campaign of the Month” award.

“We worked intensely to combine content and feeling when shooting the film,” explains Kristian Jörgensen, Marketing Communications Manager at Saab Automobile. “ It is rewarding to make a TV-ad with a real ‘stand out’ impact’ that reaches out and touches people in their hearts.

“The music and Fried Öhrn’s powerful vocals are a perfect fit for the strong emotions of the film. We are delighted by the huge impact this commercial has created. It has also turned out to be a powerful launch pad for the career of Oh Laura and we wish them every success.

“Our BioPower models are unique in being able to offer enhanced engine performance, together with a strong environmental benefit. Green issues are very much top of the agenda at the moment and the TV campaign is clearly right in time and right in tonality.”

Frida and her Oh Laura colleagues, Rikard Lidhamn, Jocke Olovsson, Magnus Olsson and Jörgen Kjellgren, are to perform ‘Release Me’ and other songs “live” during Saab’s 60th Anniversary festival in Trollhättan, Sweden, next month. (June). They will then go on tour with logistics support from Saab in the shape of new Saab 9-5 SportCombis – BioPower models, of course.

Saab leads Europe’s emerging market segment for flex-fuel-cars and is the only brand offering ‘eco-friendly’ variants of all models sold in Europe. These BioPower models combine turbocharging with the use of bioethanol fuel (E85) to deliver increased power and performance, as well as significantly reduced fossil CO2 emissions.

Source: Saab press release 23 May 2007

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