The SAAB sign at the factory in Trollhättan

Any Saab enthusiast who visited Trollhättan is familiar with the most recognizable SAAB sign at the factory. The sign is located at the north gate of Stallbacka and many pictures were taken of Saabs and their owners through the years. Most Saab signs have been taken down at the NEVS factory in Trollhättan and this Saab sign will meet its fate on December 8th.

NEVS is organizing a photo contest and they invite you to upload your pictures of the Saab sign to Instagram using the hashtag #SignMemoriesByNEVS .  These pictures can include you and/or your Saab.  The contest ends on November 30th and the winner will receive a framed photo collage of all the uploaded pictures.

An event will take place at Stallbacka, Trollhättan on December 8th at 14:00 when the SAAB sign will be taken down and donated to the Saab Museum.  It will be a sad day but it is good to know the sign will be in the hands of all the good people who run the Saab museum.

Find the contest announcement here:

The SAAB sign in 2006 with my Saab 9-3 purchased through the European Delivery Program
The SAAB sign in September 2015
The SAAB sign in September 2015
The SAAB sign in September 2015

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