Saab Sonett in Swedish Historical Rally

Short article from Sveriges Radio, translated through Google:

Lasse Jonsson from Karlstad is known for rallying with more upscale cars than usual. A number of different Porsche models, a gull-wing Mercedes from 1955, and now – the Saab Sonett in 1968.

Lasse Jonsson, Saab competed with some in the late 60s and early 70s.

– I got an assignment to run Alprallyt in Austria in a Saab Sonett says Lasse Jönsson Rally Sweden switching from Porsche to this Swedish classic sports car.

The first Saab Sonett were certainly open sports cars in the mid-1950s.
The first sonnets were built with two-stroke Saab as a basis and then they went over to the V4 engines to finish with a four-cylinder in-line engine in the final version, Sonnet third

– This has a dual carburetor and single base. It can not continue this, but we are having because it’s fun and we can show off a great looking car, says Lasse Jonsson.




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