Saab Spyker 9+ Tribute by Gray Design

When Spyker announced to purchase troubled Saab from General Motors in 2010, it was easy to get upbeat about the possibilities of a Dutch boutique sports car maker with interesting designs and a small car manufacturer from Sweden. Eduard Gray is from the Trollhattan area and his design firm Gray Design also penned their vision of a new Saab 93 based on the designs from the early Saab years.

Mr. Gray took advantage of the unique opportunity to create a design that takes the best qualities of each brand and combines into one super car. Spyker influences are a supercar chassis with a mid-mounted engine and a low-to-the-gound aerodynamic design. Saab contributes with their history of engineering, unique design language and character.

The “Saab Spyker 9+ Tribute” is just a quick expression of optimism for the future of the brand, according to the designer. This design was created in 2010 and the Spyker-Saab future is all but a distant memory. But it still is nice to dream of what could have been.

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