For sale: Artwork 1972 Saab 96 V4

It took 3 years to create this artsy Saab 96 and it is looking for a new owner. This car used to be light green but there is no trace left of the original color. The 3 years probably also included a restoration in addition to the artwork.

The interior is yellow and red but unfortunatley there are no pictures showing that interesting color combination. Everything that used to be black has been repainted in white. It appears the dash and rear shelf has some kind of shag covering or other fluffy material.

The owner mentions he will only sell to someone who understands this car and you have to convince them why you are the right person.

But if you can, you still have to submit the highest bid before you can drive this home. The Blocket ad shows a price of SEK 35.000 (about USD 4.250 or EUR 3.650) so that is probably a good price to start your bid.

More information here: Blocket – “Konstverket” Saab V4 1972

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