For sale in Sweden: 1973 Saab 99 2.0L Automatic

This Saab 99 is offered for sale by Ricond AB in Vallentuna just north of Stockholm.  The car has only had 2 owners and it was in the same family for the last 43 years.  The car has never been restored and is all original without any rust.  The listing shows this Saab has just 59,900 kilometers under its wheels and the pictures of this car show it is most likely the correct milage.

It has the Swedish-built 2.0L engine while the previous models had a Triumph-built engine.  It also has shock-absorbing rubber bumpers with original chrome strips which were a first for this model.  The car has partly been repainted because of a parking lot fender-bender.

As mentioned, this time capsule from the 70s is all original and includes all moldings, badges, hubcaps, floor and trunk mats, dash coverings, original radio and folding rear seats.  The seller claims it is surprisingly modern for a 43-year old car and is easy to drive.

The green color is definitely very 70s and perhaps takes some time to get used to.  It would be interesting to know what this color was called so please leave a comment below if you know more about this color.   One thing is for sure though.. you’ll easily find your car in a crowded parking lot.

All the above already sounds amazing but even more amazing is the low price of only SEK 44 900 which is about EUR 4560 /  USD 4900.  That is a lot of quirkiness and history in a car that you can drive every day.  The car was listed on Blocket on September 28 and it is surprising it hasn’t sold yet.  But then again, these cars are not for everybody and it takes a true Saab enthusiast to appreciate it for what it is.

Find the original ad on Blocket here: link


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