The Spirit of Saab by Rolf Bleeker

Title The Spirit of Saab
Author Rolf Bleeker
ISBN 3-7205-1700-4
Publisher Ariston Verlag, Geneva
Date 1992
Language English
Pages 202

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THE SPIRIT OF SAAB is the spirit behind a range of exceptional cars built by people who are themselves exceptional: unique men and women full of creative spirit, to whom only the best is good enough.

THE SPIRIT OF SAAB means not only the genius of the cars and those who make them but also what radiates from the many entertaining episodes that make up their history. The essence of these is captured in this book which is itself . . .

THE SPIRIT OF SAAB – fascinating account of

  • the small beginnings from which a great enterprise evolved
  • the minor details that led to huge decisions
  • the triumphs and the setbacks
  • the top drivers and the great days of motor sport
  • the boffins and the business brains
  • the inventions and the escapades
  • and all the special qualities that have nade the Saab such an outstanding car and explain why it is driven by so many discerning people who appreciate


Rolf Bleeker was born in Essen in 1947 and studies Law, History, Politics and the Media at Bochum and Würzburg. He became a journalist in 1973 and has worked for some of Germany’s leading newspapers both on the editorial side and as a freelance correspondent. His special field is as a writer and researcher for some of the top motoring magazines. He is a family man who speaks several languages and lives in Dortmund.

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