The Story of Saab advertising campaign – USA 2011

Saab USA launched a new national ad campaign in January of 2011 after the company was no longer part of General Motors. The company was sold to Spyker in 2010 and Saab wanted a new direction of independent thinking in the USA. The Story of Saab campaign aimed at letting car buyers know that Saab was still alive and stronger than ever with the second generation of the Saab 9-5 and the new Saab 9-4X later that year.

The ad campaign was created by Team Saab of ad agency McCann Worldgroup in Detroit, Michigan.  There were 4 print ads in the Wall Street Journal in the last week of January and they were accompanied by The Story of Saab TV commercial that aired January 31st.

Nicole Jankowski, Saab Cars North America’s Marketing Communications Manager, said in a statement for the press: “The idea behind the campaign is independent thinking, but, most importantly, it will let everyone know that Saab is back, here to stay and that we never went away – what we stand for and who we compete against.”

Saab has always been unique, offering products which might not be for everyone, but are innovative and speak to its incredibly loyal, devoted owner and fan base,” Jankowski added. “It’s a true, comprehensive re-launch of the brand, the cars and the company. And it’s a long-term, brand building platform, with elements that will continue to evolve in the coming months.”

Sprechen Sie Swedish?

Our German competitors may not speak our language, but we certainly gained their full attention. We’re talking about the all-new Saab 9-5 Sport Sedan. It communicates to a specific type of driver. One who favors exhilaration over exhibition. Brains over brawn. Self-worth over net worth. With an interior designed around human intuition and performance boosted by our powerfully efficient Saab turbo, the all-new Saab 9-5 speaks a language you will better understand once you get behind the wheel. It certainly has our competitors talking.

Nicht German.

We mean no disrespect to our Bavarian neighbors. After all, German luxury cars are some of the finest in the world. But here in Sweden, Saabs are designed for a different kind of driver. Take our all-new 9-5 Sport Sedan. Born and bred just north of Germany, it forgoes flash for understatement. Tempers power with efficiency. And favors passion over price. Its look is influenced by Scandinavian design with technology inspired from simple intuition. The all-new 9-5 wears its heritage on its sleeve. Get behind the wheel and you will feel it. This is a proud, intelligent, beautiful Swede.

A funny thing happened on the way to our funeral. We were reborn.

This is the story of the rebirth of Saab. Nothing makes you appreciate life quite like a near-death experience. Last year, we had one. In January of 2010, Saab was slated to be closed. The cars millions of drivers had loved for over sixty years were to be no more. But then something miraculous happened. Those same passionate drivers who loved our cars began to rally around our company. From Egypt to Thailand, Australia to America. Saab fans around the world organized to show their support. And it worked. Their outpouring of dedication inspired businessman Victor Muller to look deeper.

Needless to say, he liked what he saw. Saab had great cars on the road and a full pipeline of new products on the way. We had one-of-kind technology and state-of-the-art facilities. Most importantly, we had fans who would go to the ends of the earth to save us. What could be better than that? Just under a year ago, a deal was struck. Saab was an independent company once again. Thank you to Mr. Muller and Saab fans around the world. When others counted us out, you gave us a new life. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being reborn.

A cold day in hell is an average day in Sweden.

Go ahead. Tell us it can’t be done. They said a car company founded by aircraft engineers would never fly. We didn’t have the sense to listen. In 1947, we put a wing on wheels and never looked back. In the ’60s, if you wanted to compete in rally racing, they said you needed a larger, high-powered car. We won back-to-back World Championships with nothing more than a little family car. In the ’70s, they said turbo power wouldn’t work in a mainstream production car. We not only tamed the turbo, we changed the industry forever. In the ’80s, they said four-seater convertibles were a thing of the past. We built a cult classic.

Fast forward to last year, they said our best days were done. But once again, our ears must not have been working. Because today, Saab is back. We’re an independent company flying higher than ever. Case in point, the all-new 9-5 Sport Sedan. The most advanced Saab ever built. To be followed this spring by the capable 9-4X Sport Crossover. Soon after that, an entirely invented lineup. And we have a lot more coming out of Sweden after that. Just don’t expect any of it to follow convention.

Story of Saab TV Commercial

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