Strömqvist extreme Saab 96

The Swedish design firm Viztech showed a design concept based on the Saab 96 several years ago in 2010. These computer images generated quite some interest and it was exciting to imagine what a real life example of this Saab 96 would look like. The car was designed for Per Strömqvist by designer Bo Zolland. reports this unique Saab 96 features a hand-built body in sheet metal. Powering this back-to-the-future Saab is a Shelby GT500 5.4-liter V8 with compressor and produces about 600 horsepower.  This is probably 10 times more than the original Saab 96!

It is based on steel tubular chassis and wheels are 20″ in size with brakes by Brembo. The interior has a combination of leather and Alcantara and features embroidered logos showing Saab’s aviation heritage. The Saab 96 was introduced in 1960 and is still a very unique design even after 55 years.



Video posted on 13 August 2015:


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