Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf visit to the Saab Museum in Trollhättan

The Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf visited the western city of Trollhättan in September of 2012 and was offered a tour at the Saab Museum.  The museum had earlier been in danger of closing its doors as the iconic Swedish car brand Saab went bankrupt earlier that year.

This visit was not scheduled long in advance. It began with a tour of the Saab Museum and continued at the Innovatum Science Center where the King received a gift – A model of the Ursaab made of wood for his granddaughter Estelle.

The pictures show museum curator Peter Backstrom giving the king the royal tour of the museum.  King Gustaf is familiar with Saabs as he once toured the USA in 1976 in a Saab 99 limousine that was specially built for him.

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