Turbo pioneers – BMW, Saab and Renault – magazine article

Classics and Sports Car magazine
Chris Rees samples a trio of turbo pioneers from BMW, Saab and Renault

BMW 2002 Turbo
Saab 99 turbo
Renault 18 Turbo


  1. Whoever wrote this should do some homework.

    Olds was the first in 1962 though the run was not as successful as the Corvair that came out months later.

    This is a sore spot with me because Saab alludes to (read Swade), developing the first practical turbo. BULL SHIT! I put many, many miles as did thousands and thousands of owners back in the 1960’s. When I changed to a blow through Bill Thomas race turbo + carbs we did have a float bowl problem just one time.

    I think the record will show there were well over 50,000 Corsa and Spyder turbos produced, and frankly till the Viggen, well the SPG made me yawn.

    Had Saabs since 84 so please don’t tell me I am not a fan but these articles show me how little true research goes into this stuff. I read some of Wade’s stuff to an old industry engineer and he had a good laugh, since he was on a few of the development projects.

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