Winter car camping in a Saab 900

We already know Saabs are great cars for any wintry driving conditions. The versatility of the Saab 900 with a large space for carrying items in the back is also well known and some Saab 900 owners have been sleeping in the back of their cars. But the combination of winter travel and car camping is something you don’t see too often, especially in a Saab.

Sierra Davis from Powder (The Skier’s Magazine) published a short interview with Jack Van Wie who is enjoying winter in his Saab 900. He uses it to tour the USA between New York and Washington with the only goal of going telemark skiing, a technique that combines elements of Alpine and Nordic skiing.

To be young at only 21 and have the freedom to go anywhere from January through April must be quite relaxing and liberating. Not the comfort many skiiers will prefer on their wintersport trips but the freedom to go anywhere on backroads is an adventure by itself.

Sierra: You know they make vans for trips like this, right? What’s with the tiny Saab?
Jack: First of all, it’s not tiny. Before I decided to live in it, every time I stopped for gas or a sandwich, someone would come over and say, ‘I had that car,’ and give me their story of how they used the car as a pickup truck or something. When I fold down my seats, three people can sleep comfortably in the back. It looks small, but it’s not. It’s front-wheel drive and it’s an amazing car in the snow. I never even put on my chains.

How many miles did you put on your car anyway?
The odometer broke down before the trip, so I’m not sure. But for the most part I never took a highway. It’s boring to drive on a four-lane monstrosity forever. My excuse is that my car is old, but really I don’t like the idea of blurring through everywhere.

Find the complete story here: Car Camping in a Saab – Powder Magazine

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