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  • 2011 Saab 9-4X video review by Consumer Reports

    Consumer Reports posted a video review of the Saab 9-4X on their website. It's a fairly short review but worth the time to check it out. Consumer Reports does not seem to employ car enthusiasts as they usually focus on the practical details and facts. And this review is no different.

    From their website:

    Our first impressions? It’s no surprise that many of the SRX’s traits carry through to the 9-4X sibling. The heavy weight blunts the performance of the Aero’s 300-hp, 2.8-liter turbocharged V6; the base engine is the same underwhelming 3.0-liter V6 we disliked in our tested SRX.

    The interior is nicely finished with supportive seats, but rear corner visibility is lousy. There are some traditional Saab cues sprinkled around inside, but you get the feeling that the 9-4X could just as easily wear a Buick badge.

    We’re holding off testing a 9-4X until we get an idea of how firm the company’s footing really is. The advice we’ve been giving to our readers also applies to us: The uncertain future of the automaker should give consumers pause before committing to a purchase.
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    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      GM didn't develop the 9-4X for Saab. They developed the 9-4X/SRX with Saab..
    1. chemosaaby's Avatar
      chemosaaby -
      I love that he described the console mounted ignition as "frustrating" Yes, reaching down instead of forward to start the car is ever so burdensome.
    1. Golfhunter's Avatar
      Golfhunter -
      Don't worry . Intelligent people will see the differences
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