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  • Saab manager Peter Dörrich praised as best manager for 2011

    From Unionen.se:

    Peter Dörrich is 51 years and has held various positions within Saab, including the U.S.. He is now director of the Project Center at Saab Automobile in Trollhättan.

    The award will be presented on Wednesday in connection with the Skills Fair. Besides the honor, Peter will receive SEK 20 000. The idea is that the money will be used to develop their own leadership.

    From a Swedish article translated with Google Translate:

    Well-liked executive who sees the big picture

    -I want to know how my employees feel and how they have it at home. The job and life at home is not two separate phenomena. There is a whole. If one does not work so does not work the second either.

    It said Peter Dörrich, which today named the year's Head of Union chief Journal of position, nominated by their colleagues in the Project Center on Technology.

    -Peter is a good manager who will staff grow in their roles. He encourages and pushes us and gives us strength in our decisions. He is a great sounding board when you need to discuss possible solutions and problems and takes the always time to listen and guide to a good solution, says Mona Säverhag, who worked with Peter in batches - about three years combined.

    She also highlights Peter's extensive knowledge of both the production, processing and vehicle development.

    -He cares about the group while he demands. It turns out, inter alia, in the interaction with other departments where he really stands up for an action which is in line with our focus, says Conny Almkvist, who thinks that Peter is the best manager he had during his 25 years at Saab.

    -He has been a solid point for us in the turmoil we find ourselves now. He informs us about what is happening, although it would be over a weekend or at night, and his empathy and compassion for how we feel is a strong driving feel for us and leads us to exert ourselves a little extra, says Conny.

    Peters recipes
    Dörrich is current as one of the faces behind the 9-4X and he has been over and worked in both the U.S. and Japan in batches.

    It's interesting to see how leadership differs between cultures, he says. In Sweden we are accustomed to taking responsibility at operational level, we delegate responsibility and therefore, leaders often focus on creating conditions and providing support. "Management by fear" is thankfully rare here, he says.

    Over the years, Saab has he worked with several managers, who all had their particular leadership styles. One that he particularly remembers is Ronny Jonsson.

    -He saw my capabilities but also helped me to see what I had to work with in my own role vis-à-vis others. That he was straight and honest with me - in a good way - is something I still can feel gratitude for.

    What is he himself, on his leadership? When he put out word about it, again, the concept of respect, listening, communication and continuous improvement.

    -Everyone deserves and should be treated with respect. As a manager you have to realize that it is important for an employee, such as to present somewhat of a management team, to feel welcome and creating a good atmosphere. I believe that one should be humble, open and honest about who you are and what you think. The manager can not all best self, and there is no reason to sit on the high horse, but to win at being yourself and invite the man is. The damage is simply not to be personal, he says.

    Rather leader than manager
    -I see myself as a leader rather than manager and as a leader I want to be clear and create the right conditions for my staff to do a good job. Maybe I over-explicit, sometimes when I paint what I want them to do, but I believe in the visualization. I am also convinced that it is important to have the right tools. We can not ask our employees to be able to outperform its competitors if they do not have as good or better tools to assist in the job. We have very capable people here at Saab - with the right tools, they can accomplish great things.

    He is a follower of lean concept and believe that Saab must work constantly to create conditions for continuous improvement. We are dealing with a developer and not a manager, it is quite clear.

    Peter has another belief, too, and it's about the importance of listening.

    -I want to know how my employees feel and how they have it at home. The job and life at home is not two separate phenomena. There is a whole. If one does not work so does not work the second either. So it is for me and it's for everyone else. As a leader I want to create the conditions to get the big picture to make ends meet. I know from experience that the company ultimately profit from it, says Peter.

    Award ceremony in Stockholm
    Anette Hellgren is Union spokesperson for Saab, is almost as happy as Peter the award "Best Chef". She thinks it is incredibly fun to a Saab-chief received the award, and for several reasons:

    - First of all, I see it as a sign of strength both to Peter and the organization. He has managed to be the manager we need in the turmoil. Often considered course management to be under tough circumstances, she says. There is also evidence that there are very competent staff at Saab.

    -As I know Peter, he has always been dedicated and believed in himself and his cause. During his career he has also developed other important leadership skills, who will be listening, participatory and empathetic.

    It is three o'clock today that Peter, at the ongoing Skills Fair in Stockholm, will receive the award. Five hundred thousand members of the Union has had a chance to nominate a good manager, regardless of location, sector and nationality, and the jury's verdict is:

    "Peter Dörrich is well worth the receipt Positions chefspris.Han hailed by both the manager colleagues and employees and Union representatives with words like" safe, encouraging, empathetic, purposeful, informative. "He protects all individuals in their group, supporting and pushing, taking the time to listen and guide to good practice. In the turbulent situation that Saab has long been in the Peter Dörrich been a safe and informative leaders who have always been available and showed compassion. "

    Years of Saab
    Peter Dörrich began on the line in 1979 and worked there a few years. became a quality engineer in production in 1981 and then went on to purchase, as production techniques.
    -It was a good school, he remembers, to work in production and also looking at the suppliers. Should I work with development, it is good to have an understanding of how the various details, as it develops, will be manufactured and how they should be mounted in the car.

    In the 90s he was commissioned to build geometry fuse at Saab. It was a job that took a long time, but which also gave the result that the geometry of the hedge - that is, how well the car's parts fit together - was an area where Saab was a leader in the GM world.
    Then it became the United States for a period. Peter was responsible body when Saab made ​​its first SUV experiments on an architecture that we have been awarded by the GM.

    -We saw from the beginning that it would be wrong and was on us, urged on the brand and made ​​demands. Eventually, we had driven over to a different architecture, but then stopped Lutz project and we had to go home again, Peter remembers.

    This was followed a few years in Japan, where he worked as development manager for the 9-2X.
    -I long-term suspended and could be gone up to nine weeks at a time. It was a tough time and it was never easy to leave family, remembers Peter.

    The highlight of Saab's career is strictly 9-4X.
    -I really longed for such a mission, to have that responsibility, to accomplish something tangible to be proud of. It has been a great time!
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