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  • Victor Muller at the "We are Saab" event in the Netherlands

    The reports and pictures of the "We are Saab" worldwide event at former airbase Valkenburg in the Netherlands are slowly starting to appear. According to a report from a Dutch newspaper (De Telegraaf), there were 1600 Saab drivers and a total of 3800 people that showed up today. There were many Saab traffic jams in the area.

    Victor Muller was at the event and spoke a few words. As this speech was in Dutch, we are providing a translation to English to share with our worldwide SaabWorld visitors.

    Speech by Victor Muller:

    I flew to the Netherlands just for this event. I am here today to personally thank everybody. It's amazing what Nic, Stefan and their team accomplished in the last months, or weeks I should say. Something like this has never happened before. Even though I am not the CEO of Saab anymore and we were not able to save the company, as you know, I still wanted to personally thank everybody. Without people like you, Saab wouldn't even exist today. Without people like you, we never would have bought Saab in 2010. Even then, there were convoys all over the world. This weekend, there are 110 events in 42 countries and which car make can match that? Not one and that's unique.

    It is all but history with Saab. I am not creating expectations that are based on nothing. There are several very serious parties who are interested to take over Saab as a working company. They are not just interested in some parts of the company but wanting to continue with Saab as a complete company. And that is very encouraging. It is not in my control if this will succeed. I can only assist the curators in constructing a deal.

    I think the parties that are at the table are very strong and have deep pockets. And we hope they really will go forward with a deal. These kind of events are very important for that. They help to convince a buyer the brand is alive and well and it is a brand with a future. It is sad we couldn't secure this future under Spyker and Swedish Automobile. Very sad but it doesn't necessarily mean the end of Saab. And you can be assured I will do everything I can to guide Saab to a safe harbor.

    From the entire team in Trollhattan, I wish you a very nice day. And I want to thank you that you got in your Saab on this very cold Sunday. Saabs that have very good heaters (laughter from crowd). If you have worked in Sweden for a while, you know how good those heaters are. And to be here to show the world this is not the end of Saab just yet and deserves a future. I thank you very much.

    Here are some images posted on Twitter. There was an exhibition of many Saab models representing the brand set up inside.

    Formation of Saabs in the colors of the Swedish Flag.

    Convoy shield.

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    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      Picture album on Flickr of Saab convoys: WeAreSAAB - a set on Flickr
    1. rpiereck's Avatar
      rpiereck -
      I completely missed this weeks events here in Germany. Too far from me and my SAAB is still in a boat, I am driving a mere VW Golf 1.6... this gathering in Nederlands looks huge, wish I had been there.
    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      Here is a picture thread on the Dutch Saab forum: Saabforum.nl • Toon onderwerp - Fototopic WAM-WAS

      Too bad I missed this event by just 8 days. Is 1500-1600 Saabs at a single event a record? I don't know how many were at the Trollhattan meet.
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