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  • Mosaic of over 3000 Saab fan photos on Facebook

    Source: Saab December 21, 2010

    Over 3.000 uploaded fan photos on our Facebook Page must be celebrated!

    At Saab on Facebook we recently passed 3.000 uploaded photos of Saab fans and their cars - that is a lot of photos, and a lot of enthusiasts. To celebrate this, we decided to gather all of these photos and pour them into one big mosaic compilation.

    To have a closer look at the compilation click here. Use the zoom to explore specific photos.

    If you're still not a fan of Saab on Facebook, click here to join us!

    Today the 21th of December 2010 we passed a milestone on our Saab page on Facebook. Reaching over 50.000 - and it feels fantastic!

    On our Facebook page we publish everything from interesting content created in the Saab car plants, new products, special features, events and competitions. We're a growing community and all our fans contributes with so much interesting content to keep the page updated every day.
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