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  • Saab 9-4X owner experience from a Saab enthusiast

    Note by editor: Mark_Venture is a happy Saab 9-4X owner and a frequent participant on the SaabWorld forums. He was asked the question if he would do it all over again if he had the choice to buy a Saab 9-4X. He posted his story on the SaabWorld 9-4X forum and below is part of it.

    The much longer and detailed response can be found here: link
    More pictures and details of his Saab 9-4X can be found in the Garage: link

    I've driven my 9-4x just over 26K miles now due to an unexpected, but nice job change. I enjoy it, although I miss stick shift now and again. While taking it in to get the front bearing replace last week, I drove my wife's 9-3Aero, it felt good, but I was just as happy getting back into my 9-4x when it was time to pick it up. Its faster than the Terrain was, but not as quick as my 9-3Arc, and certainly not as fuel efficient.

    I've had two major expenses that I've written about in threads (sun roof drain leak, and front bearing), and minor issues that I've also written about (rear washer squirter, and condensation in the lights). The rest has been the typical oil change, tire rotation, PA Inspection/Emissions, Engine and Cabin air filter replacements, wiper blades, etc.

    I have the Nav system. The Voice Control for the radio and hands free cell phone can be picky at time. Trying to pass through voice dial to my cell phone via BT often dials the wrong name. Numbers manually stored in the car's nav system with voice tags ok, and you can store up to 50 names/numbers/voice tags, but YOU have to manually put them in via voice which takes time. Storing addresses with Voice tags, then using the voice prompts to "Navaigate to...." works well, as does saying things like "Radio Select 94.1 FM"... The NAV system's maps are a little out of date, it doesn't list the new neighborhood we just moved into (we are in the final phase of the development which was started 4+ years ago).

    While GMNAVDISC.COM (now Navteq) doesn't offer an updated map disc for newer Saabs, Saab Parts North America replied to me that the disc for the SRX will work. There are many others in forums for SRX, Terrain and Equinox discussing the Nav system (its the same as in the 9-4x) and its poor directions and "old" maps. I've noticed it will get you there, but not always the best route, or the quickest or shortest (even if you pick fastest or shortest). I usually use Google Maps on my phone unless I'm going to a big city like Philly or NY.

    With Saab being bankrupt, the 9-4x basically being an SRX underneath has helped with repair/replacement parts. Although it can be expensive to fix at a dealer. And I haven't experienced any issues with interior, glass or body panels that is strictly Saab specific. But being an SRX, I would expect the same reliability as a Cadillac. If you can live with that, without warranty, or by purchasing a 3rd party warranty, then you'll be fine.

    I've thought about after market warranty, and now Saab parts has announced their plans, I might look into that.

    All of that being said... Would I do it again if I had the chance?

    All in all, I still say I made the right decision buying my 9-4x Premium. If I could go back and do it again, I would do the same, but would have opted for the 3M clear protection film thing for the front end (like my wife has on the front of her her 9-3), a 3rd party/extended service plan, and tried to negotiate more off the price due to Saab's uncertain future at that time.

    I would have liked to get an Aero, from an acceleration stand point, and maybe I should have asked if they (or General Sales Saab) could find me a 9-4x in another color than black exterior (due to dirt, scratches and swirls showing up easily and the extra work to keep looking nice). BUT hind sight is 20/20 as they say, and still I'm happy.

    Of the 4 I saw on the lot that day, which were the only ones I had seen in person then or even a little after, and knowing what I did about the state of Saab at that time, I made the right choice and love my 9-4x.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Would I do it again? (buying the 9-4x) started by Mark_Venture View original post
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    1. Atkins400's Avatar
      Atkins400 -
      Thanks to you and several others for your valuable feedback. I feel less nervous about the issue of service and parts availability. I know I have a few authorized Saab services centers within reasonable driving distance for anything major. As with any car in it's first model year, I would expect kinks. I did call SPNA, and all 10-11 Saabs are eligible for the new Saab Secure program, regardless of whether or not you are the original owner. They are still working out the contract details and not all authorized service center may participate in the program. I would expect General Sales Saab will, since it sounds like they still have a loyal Saab customer base. They could not give me any prcing for extended service contracts yet
    1. kanundrum's Avatar
      kanundrum -
      Eh Not 100% Sure, if I can fix this issue it makes this car useless to me
    1. Atkins400's Avatar
      Atkins400 -
      If you can or can't? What issue?
    1. kanundrum's Avatar
      kanundrum -
      Cant sorry, issue with some CEL codes. Look at the Thread by kurwa311
    1. Atkins400's Avatar
      Atkins400 -
      I just was going through that whole thread and some of your past posts. I dig your ride. I am right now considering the same thing (silver Aero). The black wheels look awesome. I'm not a performance tuning enthusiast, so if I get a 9-4X it will remain completely stock. I just love Saab. From the first 900 I ever rode in when I was a kid (my rich relatives always had Jags or Saabs), to my beautiful 2007 9-5 (totaled by a careless driver), there is just something about them. I am trying to satisfy my desire to own another one, but my practical side keeps trying to reason me out of it. It just looks so damn good, I don't know if I can resist.
    1. Mark_Venture's Avatar
      Mark_Venture -
      Since the old garage is going away... I wanted to copy/paste this info from it to here...

      Saab 2011 Saab 9-4X 3.0i Premium
      Engine Type 3.0i V6
      Body Style Crossover / SUV
      Color Black
      Price $41,625.00 United States - Dollar
      Purchase Date 2011-10-03 (new)

      Total Views 1061

      2011 9-4X Prem SUV/455 XWD (serial number 258)

      Standard Vehicle Price $40, 245.00
      Panoramic Moon Roof $1450.00
      Navigation system $2395.00
      Technology Package $1350.00
      Destination charge $825.00
      Total Vehicle Price $46,265.00

      Discounted to $41,625.00

      "Available" options NOT included on mine...
      1. Towing Package
      2. Compact Spare Tire (I have standard compressor instead)
      3 Rear Passenger Package (includes Tri-Zone climate control system, Rear Seat Audio system, and Rear Seat entertainment system with dual 8" DVD screens and wireless headphones, Heated Rear seats),

      Delivered at a Scott Saab, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. It had 27 miles when I took it for the test drive and purchased it. (was about 36 when I was done test driving and actually purchased/drove off the lot)

      I traded my late father's 2010 GMC Terrain and my 2005 Saab 9-3 Arc, both of which were paid off and the dealer gave me excellent trade in values so cash out of pocket to get the 9-4x was minimal, and having to insure only 1 vehicle the next few years, just about covers that.
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