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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.


All registered members can add their Saab to the Garage. The only thing you need to do to get started is to enter a few basic details about your car, a short description and some pictures. Pictures are not really required but it certainly adds so much more to your listing. And who doesn't want to show off his/her Saab? You can provide details about your Saab, its history, future plans, wish list and so on. When you add a vehicle and provide your country and city or postal code, it will automatically be added to the Garage map (by Google). You can click on a map marker and find out more about those Saabs and its owner.

Other members can add comments to your Saab so it is interactive. You can browse through all Saabs in the system or you can select a certain model to only view those. You can also Search using several search criteria so, for example, only look for 900 convertibles or 2005 9-5 wagons.

Modifications can be added for each vehicle and you can provide manufacturer/product details, cost, place of purchase, install date and pictures. With all this information in a database, you can search for a specific manufacturer and/or product and see a list of Saabs with that specific modification. Or you may be looking to buy from a certain place and first want to see feedback from other members who bought from that same place before.

You can also keep track of Service details of your car. This will assist other users with servicing their own cars and it also is a great tool to provide a service history on your car. You can keep track of every fuel purchase, (cost/amount/odometer reading) and the system keeps track and calculates details about mileage. There also are Timeslips, Dyno Rin, Laptime and Track areas where you can add that type of information to your Saab. You can provide insurance details and cost to assist other members to find the best insurance for their car.

The main Garage page shows the Newest Saabs and Newest Modifications added to the database, the most modified Saabs and the most money spent. It also shows a list of Saabs with the highest miles/kilometers. You can see the latest comments, a list of Saabs with the best/worst fuel mileage and latest service/repair work done.

It will take some time and effort to provide all these details about your Saab(s) but it is a great resource to add to and share with others. I can provide more details but it is better and easier when you check it out yourself and play around with it. We hope you'll add your Saab to the Garage and share with the world.


Click the link under an image (Saab Image/Modification Image etc). The next page shows the image URL or you can right-click on the image.

When viewing multiple vehicle images in the lightbox, you can click on the right half of the image to go to the next image, left half of the image to go to the previous image. You don't necessarily have to click on NEXT or PREV. You can also use the Left and Right arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate through the images.


Country and a postal code or city name can be added to your vehicle profile. Postal codes don't always work. If your Saab does not show up on the map, try a city name instead. Postal (zip) codes work best for the USA and Canada.

Units of measurement

Kilometers/miles and liters/gallons can be selected as the unit of measurement for your vehicle. You should choose the units used in your country. The system will automatically recalculate between units. The front page only shows one unit of measurement and it is not user selectable.

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