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Summer Saab events in the Midwest

  1. nordwulf
    Are there any? It's a large area but I wouldn't mind driving for a few hours. I haven't heard much from the Great Lakes Saab Club recently and i am not familiar with any other Saab clubs in the area.
  2. J-Rod
    I've been trying to get a few of my friends that own Saab's to try start something up in Indiana, but we haven't been able to get anything together, and I'll be too busy with school soon, so I'll be out of anything that comes up in the near future...
  3. IndpMind
    I'm in South Bend, where were you thinking in IN.?
  4. mrickle
    I'm new to the Saab world and lovin it! How about planning a MI fall color tour for 2012?
  5. nordwulf
    That's a long time to wait! How about we find a frozen lake in a few months and create a Saab Ice event?
  6. mrickle
    Hmmm. Good reason to buy the 86 900S I've been looking at!
  7. mrickle
    I heard MIS may be opening to car clubs. I know Saabs like a little more action than left turns but it still would be fun if they go ahead with it.
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