My rear wiper wasn't working, so I went investigating and here is how you get access to your rear wiper (and to the inner fog light bulbs, or the spoiler mounting bolts).
Tools: Flat head screwdriver, star head screwdriver (larger size), 10mm socket wrench.
Difficulty: 1 out of 5... your just undoing some bolts, and popping off some panels.
Time: 30 min to an hour depending on what you're doing
1) Take out the rear parcel shelf, and untwist the plastic tabs that the parcel shelf hangs from. At the bottom of wiper arm, pop up the end cap, and undo the 10mm nut, remove the wiper arm.
2) Undo the two star screws on the plastic trim around the rear window, then remove those pieces of trim... careful not to brake those tabs holding it in.
3) Undo the two star screws that attach the hatch pull down, then twist the four or so plastic screws, 90 degrees and pull them out.
4) Undo the last two star screws that are underneath where the first two where, set the carpeting aside.
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5) You should see this up where the wiper motor is (below), unplug the motor and undo the three 10mm bolts (roughly in each corner). (You can also see the bolts for the spoiler, and the center fog light housing bolts).
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6) Re-assemble in opposite order. (If you take out the rubber boot around the whole for the wiper motor, put it back on before you put the wiper motor in... squirt some thick grease in there to displace water trying to get in).