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Jan Åke Jonsson (September 18, 1951, Valdemarsvik – male – Swedish)

CEO and President
After obtaining degrees in Business Administration and Information Systems at Uppsala University and Linköping Technical School respectively, Mr Jonsson started his Saab career back in 1973. He started out within the Systems Development and Information Systems departments, and by the early 1990s had risen to executive level within Saab Automobile and later GM Europe in several departments including Sales & Marketing and Vehicle Line. In 2005, Mr Jonsson was appointed Managing Director of Saab Automobile and following the acquisition of Saab by Spyker Cars, he became Chief Executive Officer. As CEO of Saab Automobile, he is responsible for implementing the overall strategy of the company. Mr Jonsson is married, has two children and likes to play tennis and golf.

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Victor Muller (September 13, 1959, Amsterdam – male - Dutch)
Chairman of the Board
After completing his study of law at the University of Leiden in 1984, Mr. Muller started his career as a lawyer at Baker & McKenzie, Amsterdam. In 1989, he became Managing Director with the offshore construction company Heerema in Leiden and was involved in several acquisitions. He became partial owner of Wijsmuller Salvage and Towage as a member of a consortium through a management buy-out. From 1992, he has managed and restructured numerous companies including Emergo Fashions Group that went public as McGregor Fashion Group. in April 1999. Mr. Muller was one of the two founders of Spyker Cars in 2000 and has acted as CEO of the company ever since. On February 23, 2010 Spyker Cars acquired Saab Automobile from General Motors. Since this date, Mr Muller also acts as Chairman of Saab Automobile. Mr Muller is married, father of five and is an avid collector of classic cars.

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Kjell ac Bergström (June 27, 1945, Gothenburg – male – Swedish)
Executive Director Product Development Powertrain
After obtaining a Masters Degree in machine engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in the late sixties, Mr. Bergström first built a career as a researcher within Chalmers, working with the Institute for Internal Combustion Engineering. In 1982 he moved to the private sector, working for the powertrain department of Volvo Car until the late nineties. In 1999, Mr. Bergström was appointed Vice President of Saab Powertrain and after a brief stint at Fiat-GM Powertrain in Italy, he moved up to the position of Executive Director of Saab Powertrain (then General Motors Powertrain) in 2003. Mr. Bergström is married and has three children. He is also a former referee in the Elitserien, the Swedish National League of Icehockey.

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Gunnar Brunius (August 23, 1961, Gothenburg – male – Swedish)
Executive Director Purchasing & Manufacturing
Mr. Brunius joined Saab in 1981 and started out in the Body Shop. After moving to the Paint Shop as a Project Engineer, he rose through the ranks and became Manager of the Paint Shop in 1998. In 2006 he was appointed head of Saab’s assembly plant. As Executive Director Purchasing & Manufacturing, Mr. Brunius among other things oversees the manufacturing process of the Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5 at Saab’s plant in Trollhättan, Sweden.

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Jason Castriota (January 20, 1974, New York – male – American)
Executive Director Design
Mr. Castriota hails from the state of New York and graduated from Emerson College in Boston before attending the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. In 2001, he left the college to join Pininfarina’s design studio in Turin, Italy, where he rose to hold the positions of Chief Designer and Responsible for Special Projects. He took up the position of Director of Design at Stile Bertone in 2008 and then opened a design consultancy with offices in New York and Turin. In June 2010, he was appointed Executive Director Design at Saab Automobile. In this position Mr Castriota and his design company are responsible for exterior and interior design and will lead the design activities at Saab.

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Göran Ejbyfeldt (May 15, 1952, Gothenburg – male – Swedish)
Executive Director Quality, Environmental & IT
Directly after graduating from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg in 1982, earning a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Ejbyfeldt joined Saab Automobile’s Technical Development department. Among other things, he played a key role in implementing CAD/CAM technology within Saab Automobile, while he also served as manager of the company’s Model & Prototype Shop. Since 2010, he serves as Executive Director Quality, Environmental & IT. Mr Ejbyfeldt, who is married, is an avid cyclist and sailor.

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Mats Fägerhag (September 12, 1961, Tidaholm – male – Swedish)
Executive Director Product Development Vehicle
Mr. Fägerhag graduated with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Lunds University of Technology in 1987. After different assignments with Volvo Heavy Truck and Saab Military Aircraft he joined Saab Automobile in 1992. He has held different positions within Saab Technical Development Department and in 1998 he was appointed Director of Body and Exterior Development. In 2005 he moved to Russelsheim in Germany where he took on a role as Executive Director Vehicle Systems with GME Engineering. In 2007 he also took on, in parallel with his GME job, his current role as Executive Director Product Development Vehicle. Mr. Fägerhag is married and has three children. He is a fan of sports and classic cars, while he also enjoys playing guitar and tennis.

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Kristina Geers (October 13, 1970, Uddevalla) – female – Swedish)
General Counsel
Mrs. Geers graduated from Gothenburg University and started her career at the legal department of Saab Automobile in 1997. Following stints as Assistant General Counsel at Saab Cars USA and Legal Counsel at GM Daewoo Europe, Mrs. Geers was appointed General Counsel of Saab Automobile in 2004, heading the legal department of Saab Automobile. Mrs. Geers is married, a mother of two and likes to travel and read.

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Eric Geers (March 5, 1961, Zeist) – male – Dutch
Executive Director Communications
A native of Zeist, the Netherlands, Mr. Geers joined Saab’s Dutch sales organization after graduating from the International Automotive Business School in the Netherlands. In 1988, he switched to Saab’s Dutch PR department, and later moved on to several PR functions in Europe and the US for Saab and GM. Since 2003, Mr. Geers has been the head of Saab Automobile’s global Communications department. A father of two, Mr. Geers is a fan of sports and classic cars.

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Martin Larsson (September 20, 1969, Trollhättan – male – Swedish)
Executive Director New Business Development
Mr. Larsson joined Saab Automobile in 2003, after establishing a decade-long career in engineering with Opel, Suzuki and GM Europe. In 2005 he was appointed Purchasing Director for Sweden. In his current role as Executive Director New Business Development, Mr. Larsson is among other things responsible for developing new business partnerships. He obtained degrees in Engineering, Mechanics, Economics and Law from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and the University of Stockholm. Mr. Larsson is married and a father of three.

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Allan Rothlind (January 5, 1946, Linköping – male – Swedish)
Executive Director Human Resources
Before joining Saab Automobile’s Personnel department in 1990, Mr. Rothlind filled several positions within the HR departments of, among others, Ford Motor Company and Atlas Copco Tools in Sweden. Since 2004, he has been Executive Director Human Resources within Saab Automobile. Mr. Rothlind, who is married and a father of two, enjoys horse riding and playing tennis.

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Matthias Seidl (October 26, 1963, Rostock – male – German)
Executive Director Sales & Aftersales
Mr. Seidl joined Saab in 2010 from Detroit-based automotive consultancy API, where he was President and CEO. Prior to that, Mr. Seidl spent 20 years in the Volkswagen Group where he held several senior executive positions in the sales organizations of Audi and Volkswagen. At Volkswagen, he was COO for the brand in the United States. During his 12 years at Audi, he was a senior sales and marketing executive in the European and Asia-Pacific region prior to running the brand’s North and South American sales region. Mr. Seidl holds an MBA from the University of Wales, while he also holds degrees from Harvard Business School and Cass Business School in London. As Executive Director Sales & Aftersales, Mr. Seidl is responsible for overseeing Saab Automobile’s global sales & aftersales operations.

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Knut Simonsson (October 23, 1957, Skaftö – male – Swedish)
Executive Director Brand & Marketing
A graduate from the University of Gothenburg, Mr. Simonsson started his career at Swedish food company Findus in 1983. Three years later he moved to Volvo Cars, where he built up a successful career in the Marketing department, culminating in a position as Senior Vice President Marketing in 1997. In 1999, Mr. Simonsson moved to Semcon to become Executive Vice President. Since 2000, Mr. Simonsson heads the global Marketing department of Saab Automobile. He is married and father of two daughters.

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Anders Svensson (June 27, 1964, Herrljunga – male – Swedish)
Executive Director Vehicle Lines
Mr. Svensson joined Saab Automobile in 1988 after obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, and started out as a Quality Engineer. In the years that followed, he held several positions within the Purchasing department and became Managing Director of GM-Fiat Worldwide Purchasing Sweden in 2000. In 2004, he took on the position of Vehicle Line Director for the Saab 9-3 and Cadillac BLS ranges. Since early 2011, Mr. Svensson has been Executive Director Vehicle Lines for the Saab 9-5 and 9-3 ranges. Mr. Svensson, who enjoys cooking and skiing in his leisure time, is married and has three children.