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    I do like Rock Auto. They have most things people need (especially in the Domestic market) at good prices and if they mess up your order they're very quick to make it right

    I ordered an HD cooling fan setup (cop stock) for an '01 Impala and they sent me the standard part. One quick 5 min call later, the correct part is shipped out with a return label for the messed up part. A++ will buy again etc

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    eeuroparts.com and rockauto.com then Fred Beans Saab (I get employee/wholesale pricing still)
    European Motor Services, LLC - Point Pleasant, PA 18950 - www.europeanmotorsvc.com

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    SaabWorld classifieds for used stuff and eEuroparts for new parts. I had a few small issues in the past but all were quickly resolved. I ordered a few things from GenuineSaab and TheSaabSite but they are a bit more expensive. I would consider ordering from saabusaparts.com which is a Saab dealer. Mainly because they have a pretty good catalog online and their pricing is reasonable.

    My local auto parts stores rarely have anything specific for Saab but 90% of the cars here are American, 9% Japanese and the rest European. I am lucky if I see one other Saab a month so I can't really blame them for not having a full inventory of Saab parts.

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    Depending on the part, I go to Advance Auto Parts. Almost always, they have a %40 off coupon for online purchases; checkout as store pickup and have it the same day
    Ex: Rear akebono ceramic's cost me $55. Not a substantial discount compared to other vendors, but it's still the cheapest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
    I would consider ordering from saabusaparts.com which is a Saab dealer. Mainly because they have a pretty good catalog online and their pricing is reasonable.
    Interesting! A parts site I have _never_ heard of. I will add this to the c900 link repository.
    Ask me a question about your c900! I promise I either can answer it or know someone who can

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    99's can be a pig to get bits from, so It's eBay, euro saab parts direct, forums, dealers, contacts, sometimes I get parts made from scratch.

    sent from my phone so sorry about the typos!

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    I use saabusaparts.com for a number of years with no issues. Also their support is top notch,they even sent me a few extra parts one time and after letting them know about this they credited my account and gave me a discount on my next order.

    TW at thesaabsite.com is very resourceful but his site is usually wrong when I look for stuff.

    Nick at genuinesaab.com is good to deal with for performance parts.

    Eeuroparts.com has great service!

    Also I have used Autozone and Napa for some small things.

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    Frank just reminded me of this useful thread! Bolded are names not previously mentioned in earlier posts.

    Rock Auto has good prices but not too many parts for a Saab. I've also ordered from Taliaferro Imports/genuinesaab.com, Bavarian Auto for some chemicals and rare BMW parts that fit a Saab, Patrick Accessories (Saab dealer in Massachusetts), and my local Saab dealer. I'm considering Akebono brake pads and see that amazon.com and Auto Parts Warehouse sells them at a good price.

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    Here's my contribution to the thread from my recent experience fixing up my car:

    I've bought from a couple of eBay sellers who seem to have a pretty good selection of parts. One is like an online "junk yard" P3's Auto Parts For Less good source for cheap used parts. You can make offers and prices are good. I will buy from these guys again. There are some 700+ Saab parts listed and no doubt I can get some unlisted parts from the donor cars they have too. Also bought from this eBay seller who specializes in lights for Swedish cars: Swedish Lights For Less.

    Have also bought from Amazon.com, to my surprise, they carry some Saab parts though the selection is somewhat lamentable, except if the part happens to be a generic GM part as well. The one good thing they have going for them is free 2-day shipping for Prime members.

    Just ordered a bunch of stuff from RMEuropean.com as their prices are better than eeuroparts and they seem to have a fairly decent selection of parts though not as complete as eeuroparts. Placed order online early Wednesday am, they had already successful charged my card for the order but they had to call me to verify card, card's ok, no problem but another day goes by. Then they said one of the items ordered, the PCV upgrade kit was out of stock (it probably wouldn't have been the case if they had processed my order promptly without the fuss about the card). I said ship the rest today and ship the PCV kit when you get it next week but they would not ship the PCV kit for free and suggested holding up the entire order until the kit comes in, which is not acceptable to me. So i cancelled the PCV kit from the order. Their free shipping threshold is $65. All in all, so far although I have found no fault with them really but I am so accustomed to first class customer service and can't help noticing that they fall short of that. I'll see what happens with the order and will give them a chance.

    Anyone with any experience dealing with rmeuropean.com I'd like to hear. They stock a pretty good inventory of Saab parts and if their service is up to par, should be a serious contender to eeuroparts. I've heard good things about eeuroparts but it's always good to have a choice.
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