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    Edward G
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    The best course is to start a new thread. Tell us exactly what it's doing how long. What you've tried. Age of parts. Past history of problems and solutions possibly related etc. the more info the better.
    Replacing your fuel filter is a guess. Diagnosis is the best way to fix a problem.

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    Thank you s9008v for your advice. The car was purchased about 4 years ago, the acceleration problem was apparent at the time but under normal driving conditions it was not a problem, ( I am not the type of driver who fogs the life out of a car just because he can). At the time I was living at the coast and hills were not encountered all that often, however we moved to the Cariboo and frequently drive to Kamloops and it was on these drives that the lack of power became an issue. Since I have had the car all that I have had to do was a replacement turbo outlet manifold gasket as a leak there was quite apparent. I was told that this was the problem with my lack of power, it was not, performance was just the same. Next the three studs on the exhaust out-let pipe were replaced as a small leak was detected there, again no difference, so here I am looking for advice from other more educated minds than mine.
    The problem as I see it is encountered when accelerating hard, on long inclines I am floundering, the turbo will kick in quite happily but when approaching the red zone on the gauge it feels as though something is holding the car back, it will not go any faster without changing up a gear. Again if you push hard the turbo again kicks but will not give full power. Upon examination it appears that someone has in the past examined the (black box aps) as the carpet has not been put back properly. I do not know what other work might have been carried out on the car in its past but you now know as much about the car as I do. One other thing that might help, this is a Vancouver car, was bought in Vancouver and lived all its life on the lower mainland. If I look hard I can even tell you who sold and bought the car. I myself bought it from The Volvo Lady in Abbotsford who owned it for a number of years before I bought it. Perhaps a club member will know it. It is a white 1988 900t convertible in very good condition.
    Any advice would be much appreciated. Robert.



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