Here are some tips for everybody that would like to make DIY or Tutorial.

1) Include the all the tools that it takes, even that screw driver used to take that center cap off the wheel.

2) Include all the parts needed. (I.E: You'll need a new gasket for the water pump after removing it)

3) Give it a difficulty rating, and possibly relate it to a similarly difficult job that people can recognize. (1 out of 5, meaning it's about the same as changing brake pads; if you can undo some bolts, you're all set.)

4) A rough time estimate for the average DIY'er

5) Pictures, lots of pictures. Nothing is worse than saying "You need to undo that one bolt that is underneath the coolant hose, but make sure it's not the one that is also underneath the coolant hose that is closer to the front of the car..." Just take a few snap shots of what you are doing, to make sure people are following along correctly.

6) Be sure to include any tricks/tips that will help a person. (The night before, soak all bolts in PB Blaster)

7) If you made a mistake, point it out. You most likely aren't the only one that made it, or that's going to make it.