This is a pretty easy job, but you will most likely want a friend to help you hold the sunroof and get it out without breaking something or yourself. The hardest part is getting the headliner out without bending or tearing it. The whole job (including headliner) involves removing a bunch of screws and bolts and some turn tabs. If you want to see how to remove the headliner, it's right here (will be added later). This picks up after you have removed the headliner, so you should be looking at something like this:Name:  0505111307.jpg
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Tools: Flathead screwdriver, 8 mm socket wrench and a friend (optional but lots of help).

1) Unhook all the drain tubes. You can do this by inserting a flathead screwdriver underneath the brass(?) clamp and carefully prying it off of each side of the bracket. Do this on all four drain tubes. If you think your tubes are plugged up, watch out for water coming out.
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2)Unplug the wiring from the motor.
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3)If you have a 900, there will be 19, 8 mm bolts holding the sunroof on there. If you have a 9-3, I believe there are 20, but there might only be 19. There are 7 along the front (8 for the 9-3), and 6 along each side. They look like this.
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4)I went around and did every other bolt, and because I was alone I tied up some paracord to keep it from falling on me. Wasn't perfect, but I worked. If you happen to have a friend with you, you'll want him in the car holding the sunroof up while you do the last couple bolts. Be prepared, it weighs around 20 to 30 pounds.
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5)Once you've got those bolts undone, it will just fall on down. Pull it out the hatch, and you are all set.

6)Installation is reverse of removal.

-900 and 9-3 sunroofs are interchangeable. A 9-3 sunroof appears to be a darker tint while the 900 is more of a mirror finish though.
-The key looking slot on the motor is the manual control for the sunroof. Stick a big flathead screw driver in there to open or close the sunroof if it's stuck. There is a seated position so you will know if you've got it closed all the way.
-Check your drainage tubes while you've got it taken all apart. It's the only time you'll get such good access to them. If they are clogged, use some stiff weedwacker twine/string to stick in there if they are clogged.